SCARLETT JOHANSSON was mortified when she went to a strip club to celebrate her birthday on a whim, and received an aggressive lap dance. The LOST IN TRANSLATION star was celebrating her 21st birthday and her brother convinced her it would be fun to go to a strip club. She explains, "When I turned 20 I had a birthday at Disneyland, but this year my brother wanted to go to a strip club so we went there instead. "So we got there and somebody ordered me a lap dance. At first I was like, 'No, no, no and then I was like, 'OK, I will.' "I never know what to say. I sort of say things like 'Are you in school?' and 'Is Candy your real name?' I had a very strange experience. "I had this very tall girl, she was Amazonian. She was like this tall really, really skinny girl and quite manic and strange. "She was kind of gyrating into me. She was so thin her pelvic or hipbone or some kind of bone bruised me. "She was being all sexy and there's areas that bruise easily! It was horrible."
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