One Take Kiss With Scarlett Johansson

Most likely, some actors are always looking forward for the kiss scene and don't actually mind doing as many takes as they have to and finally get everything right. Well, no such thing for Hugh Jackman, who nailed the kiss scene with Scarlett Johansson in just one take. The actor's wife actually thanked director Woody Allen for shooting the scene like that.

Deborah-Lee Furness, who could be seen in X-Men, confessed to being very relieved that she didn't have to watch her husband smooching around over and over with the sexy blonde for the upcoming film 'Scoop'.

Maybe one of the reasons the 70 year old Woody Allen has things done so easily and just the way he wants them to is because he found his freedom that he lost in Hollywood, only now, he's working in Erope.

His new comedy "Scoop" is the second movie Allen was forced to make overseas after Hollywood studios imposed on the director their own perspective on how a movie should be made, something that Woody doesn't exactly appreciate or is used to. The story 'Scoop' tells is about a journalism student (Scarlett Johansson) who gets a tip from the ghost of a dead reporter (Ian McShane) that a wealthy playboy (Hugh Jackman) may be a serial killer. The story between the playboy and the student heats up and Hugh Jackman's wife reportedly walked up to Allen as soon as the steamy scene was shot and personally thanked him: "Thank you for making that kissing scene only one take. I owe you one."
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