AARAV With Akshay Kumar & Twinkle Khanna

Akshay Kumar on Son Aarav
What are my dreams for my son?

Well, I want him to dream for himself. But if one had to put a gun to my head and ask me what it is that I want him to become, I'd say a sportsman!

But at the end of the day, it not what I want him to become, but what he wants to become. As a father, I want him to be a good human being – hard from the outside, but soft from the inside. I try to do a lot of things with him. We train for parkour together. We do adventure sports, and spend a lot of time.

I want him to believe in God, and be religious to a certain extent. I'd like Aarav to be humble, and yet ambitious, to succeed and learn through his failures, to be confident, yet modest...

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