Nysa - Daughter of Kajol and Ajay Devgan

Kajol on Daughter Nysa

She was the happiest with U, Me aur Hum.. I am talking about my dear darling daughter, Nysa. I will recount how she thought it was a picnic when we were shooting on the cruise.

I don’t think Nysa has seen such wide open spaces, with small alleys and passageways. She thought the ship was one big playground. All day long she would run. You know how little kids are.. a bundle of energy. However, this little girl was a bundle of frenetic energy.

She had two children to play with. And their favourite game was hide n seek. With so many nooks and crannies around, Nysa and her partners in crime, had a blast.

Putting her to sleep in the afternoons became a cakewalk. Usually it takes me time to put her to sleep, but on the ship, as soon as she rested her head on the pillow, she would go “thap”.. fast asleep.

Looking after kids is the best workout for moms. Running after her all day long kept me in shape. I could not work out in the gym but I did not put on a single kg. She kept me on my toes.

As far as the food goes, Nysa loves bhindi. If there is bhindi she would eat her food in peace. So there we were ordering, “fried okhra with just salt and turmeric, please”

After we completed our shooting on the ship, we began our shooting schedule in Mumbai. Now this did not go well with Nysa. She would keep asking, “can we go back to the cruise ship to shoot?” A very sad 5 year old soon realized that the picnic was over.
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