Narmada With Parents

Govinda Talks about Narmada

Govinda's daughter Narmada is all set to jump onto the Bollywood bandwagon. Says proud papa, Govinda, "She is very keen to become an actress, and my wife and I have no intentions of standing in the way of her dreams and aspirations."

Here's one star pop who doesn't want to spoonfeed his kid to make a mark in filmdom. Although Govinda who has already given a nod to his daughter to make a career in acting, he has a pre-condition. Says Govinda, "She'll have to learn the ropes of cinema from behind the camera. I want her to assist some big directors before facing the camera. She's very close to the Roshans, so Narmada will be assisting Rakesh Roshanji."

Not Govinda's buddy David Dhawan? "I'd love her to assist David. But I don't think Narmada wants to do my kind of acting. I'd like her to be known as a serious actress. Though comedy is very tough, she'll have to deal with that later."

Govinda adds, "When I came into movies I had no guidance. Narmada has me to hold her hand. She's blessed."
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