Adhyayan Suman remembers dead brother Aayush

Pic: For you, bro! Adhyayan with parents

Adhyayan Suman spoke about his dead brother at the music launch of his debut vehicle

The music launch of Haal-e-Dil saw debutant Adhyayan Suman getting emotional and remembering his deceased elder brother, Aayush and how he always felt his presence about him.

Adhyayan, who lost his brother at the tender age of seven remembered him on his big day. Adhyayan gave a short speech, which touched everyone present there.

Aayush ki yaad...

A source present reveals, “Adhyayan thanked God for giving him the opportunity. Getting a little emotional, he also thanked his elder brother who was no longer with him. Aayush had died at age 11 of a heart defect.

At that time, Shekhar Suman was not financially well off and couldn’t afford an expensive operation. Adhyayan added that Aayush always watches and looks after him and saves him from all the trouble. Choking on his tears, he took a pause, and continued with his speech thereafter thanking Mangatji and Anil Devgan and wishing all he luck to his co-stars.”

“Adhyayan is only 20 years old but showed a lot of maturity. A lot of people consider him to be arrogant, but this speech really changed everyone’s opinion about him,” adds the source.

Adhyayan says, “I was very young (he was seven at the time) when I lost my brother. When I saw him, I had no idea what was happening. As time passed, I realised that today whatever good is happening to me is because I feel he had his hand on me.”

Why didn’t he mention his parents anywhere? He says, “While I was talking about my brother I was getting very emotional and speaking about my parents would have surely got me into tears. I didn’t want that to happen.”

He further adds, “The moment I got on to the stage, I saw my parents, their eyes beaming with pride. I thank them every moment for where I am and would wish to have them as my parents every time I take birth.”

In memoriam

Shekhar Suman is building a hospital in Patna in the memory of his deceased son, Ayush that will benefit the needy who cannot afford expensive treatment

Source: Mid-day

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