‘I’m taken seriously despite my age’ - Adhyayan Suman

He’s Shekhar Suman’s son and making his debut with Haal-e-Dil. It helps, but you need a lot more, says Adhyayan

AVISIT to a hair salon changed Adhyayan’s life forever. He was spotted by Ajay Devgan who recommended him to the producer of Haal-e-Dil, Kumar Mangat. “I went to Peri’s salon for a haircut. He suggested that I get my hair straightened. I said, ‘There’s no way I’m wasting three hours on that.’ But he wouldn’t listen, so I gave in. Half-an-hour after I left, I got a call from Mangat’s office calling me for a screen test. So I advise every Bollywood aspirant to visit Peri’s salon,” laughs the newcomer.

The film also launches Nakul Mehta and Kumar’s daughter Amita Pathak. And there’s speculation about who the male lead is. “Both of us are leads. There’s no second lead. And even if people write that I’m the third or fourth lead, it won’t bother me. I know I’m in safe hands,” says Adhyayan. So what about reports of a showdown with Nakul? “We’re great friends,” asserts Adhyayan. With his father ruling the small screen for decades, didn’t he ever want to get into television? “I always wanted to be in films, so did my father. But he didn’t have time on his side. I’ll do television. Not a soap, but maybe anchoring. I know I won’t be able to do even five per cent of what my father does, but I’ll try,” says Adhyayan.

And what about comedy, which his father is an ace at? “I’ll do comedy later. I think I’ve inherited my father’s funny bone. I’m always cracking jokes and playing pranks on the sets.” he says.

His next film is Mohit Suri’s Raaz 2 in which he plays a documentary filmmaker. “To get a role like this in my second film is exciting; I have a two-film contract with Mohit,” he says.
Barely a film old, and he’s already getting multi-film contracts from production houses. “A lot of corporate houses that have signed big directors approached me. There was buzz around me right from the time I started doing my first film,” he says.” Is that too much too soon? After all, he’s only 20. Adhyayan says, “I’m taken seriously despite my age. People ask me why I don’t behave like a 20-year-old. I never expected to get into films at such a young age. Initially my dad asked, ‘Are you sure?’ But later he understood.”

Adhyayan agrees that being Shekhar Suman’s son is advantageous. “Even the heavyweights are only a phone call away. I don’t have to wait in line to meet Yash Chopra. It’s important to have a godfather, but ultimately, you need to be talented,” he remarks.

As for reports suggesting that his mum was upset with him dating an older woman, Adhyayan says, “I don’t have a girlfriend. Right now, it’s only about work. The girl in question is a friend. It’s true that she’s elder to me, but mom doesn’t have a problem with her. People saw me talking to her, alone, in a corner at Manish Malhotra’s show, and thought we’re having a scene.”

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