Riddhima - Daughter of Rishi and Neetu Kapoor

Mom’s taught me to stay grounded: Riddhima

The person whom I’ve always loved and idealised ever since I was a kid is my mom. Whatever I am today is all because of her. And now, after getting married, I feel I've become more close to her.

Sometimes, people ask me how come I’m so much like her, and the only thing I say to them is that if I’ve managed to imbibe even half of her qualities, I’ll be more than fortunate.

Ours is not a mother-daughter relationship, we are more like friends and can talk about anything under the sun to each other. Be it her good or not-so-good moments, mom has always shared them with me. And frankly, on my part, I can confidently say that I too have been a great support to her. She often tells me, 'I know you are married, settled and independent now, but I'll always be there to guide you.' And I diligently follow whatever she tells me to do. One of the most important things that mom taught me – to be grounded, truthful and honest – continues to stand me in good stead every single day.

My mother sacrificed a successful film career because of Ranbir and me, when she was just 21. She was at the peak of her career but she gave it all up for us, and I shall always be grateful to her for always being around.

Talking about her looks, I think she’s one of the most elegant women I’ve seen. I don’t think I match up to her at all. Today, when people compliment me on my looks, I know I have only her to thank. After all, she’s always taken care of my food habits and fitness. She herself is a total fitness freak and has maintained herself so well. Recently, when I was visiting my parents in Mumbai, we had all gone out for dinner. There, somebody walked up to my dad and said, “You must be having a tough time walking next to these two gorgeous women.” While all of us smiled, I felt so proud of my mom.

Does my mother miss working in films? I don't think so. She keeps busy reading books, in fact that's her hobby. At one point of time, she wanted to open a gym but then I was getting married, so she gave up that idea. Now that I'm in Delhi and Ranbir too is busy with his shooings, I think she does feel lonely at times, but she’s a very strong person and feels happy with the way her kids have shaped their lives.

I still have the first real gift she gave me when I was 15 – a lovely designer watch. I often wear it and feel she’s close at hand. At the end of the day, the world may know me as Riddhima Kapoor Sahni but for my mom I'll always be her

Neetu Kapoor talks about Riddhima & son Ranbir

Riddhima, whom I fondly call Cooksie, is my pride and joy. She's been a perfect daughter right from the time she was born. Even as a kid she was never demanding and has grown up to be a very obedient, loving and a complete human being. In fact, both my children make me feel so proud of them.

Riddhima's been more like a friend to me. I remember the day she got married, I told her, 'I'll miss you, my friend.' Although she stays in a different city, we keep in touch everyday. And she gives me all the love and support that any mother could hope for from her daughter.
Even while Riddhima was still at school, offers to act in films would come pouring in. Although, Rishi and I never tried to impose our wishes on our children, we were quite relieved that she decided against joining Bollywood. Having been part of the film industry, we know that actors lead such stressful lives. In any case, my daughter was more interested in fashion designing. I recall the day she was leaving for London to pursue a course in this subject and how I broke down and cried because I knew I'll miss her so much.

Now, after marriage, when she comes over for a visit, I feel she’s back home for a short vacation – in fact, that’s how I console myself. Here, I must tell you how when Ranbir was leaving for the US to pursue his studies there, I really held back my tears. So he said, ‘Ma, you cried when Didi left, why aren’t you crying now?’ I started laughing and told him, ‘Well, now I’ve got used to seeing my kids being away from home.’ But, frankly speaking, I really miss my kids whenever they’re away from home.

When I see my children today I feel so proud, for they’re so unlike other star kids. You’ll never find them throwing their weight around or being rude to anyone. In fact, in school, Ranbir was called the Peacemaker, for he was always making his classmates patch up after a fight.

While I’m happy with the way Riddhima is such a good homemaker, I’m also very proud of Ranbir who’s already made a mark in films, though he still has a long way to go.

When people talk about my giving up a successful career in films, I tell them I’ve enjoyed being a mother right from the time my first-born, Riddhima, came into my life. I’ve loved seeing both my children grow up, helping them with their studies and generally being around for them. Here, I must tell you how when I’d go to drop them off to school, Riddhima would insist I dress up in jeans and T-shirt and Ranbir would want me to don a sari. It was so difficult keeping them both happy at the same time... But, for me, they’re the biggest joy of my life.

Source: TOI
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