Adhyayan Suman With Co-stars of Haal-e-dil Nakuul Mehta and Amita Pathak

Adhyayan Suman, son of versatile actor-singer-anchor Shekhar Suman, Amita Pathak, daughter of producer Kumar Mangat of Big Screen Entertainment and Nakuul Mehta, another starry-eyednewbie, are all set to make their combined debuts in Mangat’s new-age film Haal-e-dil(State of the heart) due for release mid-June – and the film is not a romantic triangle!

Adhyayan Suman, (he plays Rohit who will do anything for the girl he loves), is by leagues the most intense of the lot,giving the impression of a pent-up fireball of energy.“Rohit transforms from being a love less rich boy into a serious and mature human being,”he says.“I landed this film by accident but couldn’t have asked for a better debut! For one,the script is brilliant and very different, and two, Kumar Mangatji is not going to leave anystone unturned in promoting his daughter’s debut film!”Adhyayan straightened his hair once at his hairstylist Perry’s salon in Mumbai and was walking out when Ajay Devgan walked in and noticed him.“We passed each other but I never knew that he had noticed me. Half-an-hour later, Kumar Mangat called me up.” Adhyayan’s background and training (“Everything I did from my school days was aimed at becoming an actor!”) makes him approach characters realistically. He preempts the query of how he intends to stand out among so many new star-kids and other new entrants with a “I dont think of competition. It takes focus away from work and hard work is always rewarded sooner or later!”
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