Adhyayan Suman With Dad Shekar Suman

Read on to Know what dad Shekar Suman thinks about son Adhyayan's debut film

'Adhyayan has been cheated'- Shekar Suman
Shekhar Suman is angry with producer Kumar Mangat and director Anil Devgan for reducing his son Adhyayan's role to a guest appearance in his debut film, Haal-E-Dil.Says Shekhar, "Adhyayan has been cheated.

He didn't get a chance to prove himself with his one-and-a-half scene and two-song role. I blindly trusted Kumar Mangat because I thought he had made a powerful and wonderful film like Omkara. Now I've realised that it was Vishal Bhardwaj and not Mangat who made Omkara. Mangat only made a film like 123.

"Shekhar adds, "When Mangat approached Adhyayan, we thought it would be his dream debut. I didn't even read the script and neither did Adhyayan. That was our mistake.

"Shekhar says though he has had over a decade of experience in the wily ways of the industry. they still "trusted Mangat blindly. I thought it was his daughter, Amita's debut so he wouldn't shortchange my son. I didn't even watch the rushes as I don't want to be perceived as an interfering father. At the film's premiere, my wife Alka and I were aghast!"

Shekhar says he had an inkling of what was happening when Adhyayan was shooting for a song in Ladakh. "Adhyayan asked for a full script for the first time. After he saw it, Adhyayan called me and cried like a baby.

He said, 'Dad, I have no role. I want to walk out!' Adhyayan was told at the beginning that he was to be the male lead. Instead, they made Nakuul the lead and my son was reduced to a character actor. In spite of the injustice done to Adhyayan, I told him to stick around as it would be unethical to back out on a producer halfway."

Blame game
Adds Shekhar, "I don't know whom to blame Mangat or director Anil Devgan. So many producers from Tips to Sunil Shetty and Mahesh Bhatt found Adhyayan promising and had wanted to launch him. Mahesh Bhatt, who has an uncanny knack of discovering talent, wanted to sign Adhyayan for three films. Adhyayan's next will be a solo lead with the Bhatts. It's a Rs 20 crore deal and the role of a lifetime."

Has Shekhar expressed his displeasure to Mangat? "I haven't but I will. I won't fire or abuse him but will tell him that 'I trusted you and you committed a breach of trust. You let me down.' Twice Adhyayan postponed important schedules of Raaz 2 in which he is acting because Mangat wanted to have media meets.

I am the last person to interfere but today I want to ask Mangat why was he wasting Adhyayan's time and using Shekhar Suman's name to promote his film when he wasn't even there in the film?"

Shekhar has learnt his lesson. He vows, "From now on, I will not trust anyone even my instincts. I will listen to Adhyayan's scripts and teach him how to deal with them till he learns. I have realised that a good production house, director and technical team are most important. For Adhyayan, Haal-E-Dil was an internship. Raaz 2 will be his launchpad!"

Shekhar on Kangana and Adhyayan
"Aditya Panscholi's insinuations on Kangana and Adhyayan are very unfortunate and baseless. I can't understand why we are being dragged into this. When the rumours of a link-up between Adhyayan and Kangana started, I did ask him if it was true. He said, 'Dad, no way! I have a girlfriend and it's the last thing I want to be dragged into as I am focusing on my career.' Adhyayan's so young and impressionable.

I was angry initially angry with Aditya's allegations but later, I laughed it off. Kangana is not our bahu, nor is Adhyayan getting married in the next 10 years! It wasn't necessary for Aditya to drag our family into such a mess without knowing the truth."

Source: Mid-day
Date: 23 June 2008
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