Imaad Shah - Son Of Naseeruddin Shah

Interview Dated: Sep 2007
Tell us little about your background. What has been the journey been like?
The journey has been most interesting. To speak about my background of inclinations, I have always been in the middle of a theatre company, (Motley) almost by default. I was in the crowd of my first play when I was 3, and then have ended up doing several more. I also consider myself to have a background of music. I play the guitar and perform in bars, singing.

What was your initial reaction when Manish Tiwary came to you with Apurv role? What made you go for it?
Manish Tiwary (and Pawan Sony) had written a crisp and an intelligent script. I was also attracted to it because it is a film set in Delhi, a city I love.

What is the film "Dil Dosti Etc' about?
It is for me, about a set of people at one of the most delicate phases of life trying to make sense of their environment and relationships.

What's the character of Apurv like? His aspirations, dreams and values, please tell us something.
Apurv, even if slightly self-centered is fascinated by the world. His "values' though unacceptable to some, are built on natural needs and instincts. Through the film we see Apurv searching for meaning in life through his various experiences...

How did you get into the role?
By being myself and reading the script over and over.

Did you do any kind of preparation – by way of manners, accent, and gestures?
Very few in that department, because Apurv's manners and gesture I guessed, would be reasonably close to my own. The preparation was more based around being comfortable with a body language and trying to communicate with fellow actors through Anamica Haksar's workshop.

And what's the relationship you share with Shreyas Talpade
We share a great rapport. He is a good influence to have while working because he has an ability to keep people together and to keep them happy and light hearted even while shooting in stress. He is, needless to say, a skilled actor too.

What was it like working with Smriti, Ishitta and Nikita? What do you feel about them as actors, and their role in this film?
Working with Smriti was interesting. I feel that she has pulled off a good performance. We shared a lot of preparation and workshop time and built our characters together. Ishitta and Nikita were fun too.

The entire shooting took place in Delhi, what was it like to shoot in real locations? It was fantastic. This film would have worked no other way. Delhi is an enjoyable and beautiful city for me and I feel strongly that films should be shot on location as far as possible. Some of the locations we worked on in old Delhi were chaotic shoots but made for interesting moments in the film.

What do you remember most about shooting in the Hindu College Campus and Delhi in general?
The North Campus of Delhi University is a place full of characters. I'm glad we used it.
A lot of supporting actors in the film were college students from Delhi. It was great fun spending time with them. So whenever we had time off we would hang out at their regular college addas - drinking chai, eating momos...

Any lighter moments on the sets? What else did you do on the sets besides working?
Though this was not a light moment then, it is now. Some boys broke into our costumes room and stole all of our costumes. Many of my own clothes went.
Besides working I played lots of cricket, read, drank chai and smoked.

What has it been like working with Prakash Jha Productions?
They have been very kind to me. It's been a great learning experience working with them.

How has the film shaped up?
The film fulfils several of the promises that were made in the script.
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