Rahul Bhatt Seen with Sister Pooja Bhatt, Dad Mahesh Bhatt and Dino Morea

Rahul has put papa Mahesh Bhatt on a strict diet and exercise routine; is getting paid handsomely for the same

Mahesh Bhatt has been working out rigorously after being told by doctors to lose weight. And he got help at home itself.

His son Rahul is a physical fitness and martial arts (gojuru) instructor and is attached to Five gym. He plans to open his own chain of health clubs in the near future.

He reveals, “Prior to teaching fitness at Five, I was at Moksha and after that I was in USA and New Zealand for my fitness certificates. So who better than me to make dad lose weight?”

The problem
A concerned Rahul says, “After the alarm sounded, we found out that dad was hypertensive; he had high blood pressure and border line diabetes. After years of neglect, stress had taken its toll and he needed someone to guide him back to good health.

Losing it
According to Rahul, though Mahesh is not conditioned physically, he is very fit mentally. For now, Mahesh is just walking, with some cardiovascular and stretching exercises for the lower limbs. The beta adds, “I have been teaching him for two weeks now and the aim if to lose 4-5 kg a month. At the moment, he is on a low sodium and low sugar diet with more frequency of meals.”

Rahul talks about his training program for Mahesh, “Dad is the best paymaster I have worked with, and he is disciplined in his workouts. Most of my clients pay me Rs 1000 per hour but dad pays me Rs 2500 per hour! He says everyone has a tendency to take families for granted but he won’t do that as it’s my livelihood.”

Looking after his father means Rahul’s plans of starting his acting career are on hold now. “Suicide Bomber is in cold storage now till my father’s health improves. Unfortunately, things haven’t moved much but I am not disappointed or making any hasty decisions. Dad’s health comes first.”

Wholesome time
He trains Mahesh every morning for one hour seven days a week. Mahesh reveals that he has lost three inches on his waist, “Rahul’s regimen is very simple. Apart from working out, Rahul and I are catching up on lost time. I have never exercised in my life and would eat potatoes for all meals, but now I am following a wholesome diet overseen by him.”

Mahesh Bhatt’s diet

Coconut waterOne apple 3 tablespoon oatmeals/One wholegrain toast and 2 egg white omelettes

2 whole grain chapattis
1 green leafy veg Salad

Fruits of his choice like apple or papaya or porridge

Dinner same as lunch but can have paneer
Sweets are a strict no-no

- An Article from Mid-day dated March 5th 2008
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