Shruti Haasan on why her Tamil debut opposite Madhavan got shelved

‘There were creative differences’
... says Shruti Haasan about why her Tamil debut opposite Madhavan has been shelved

SHE hasn’t started shooting for her debut yet, but Shruti Haasan already seems to be pretty comfy in front of the camera. At the opening of a clothes store in the city recently, she strutted her stuff, struck several poses and looked every inch the film star people expect her to be, what with her star lineage. But once in her ‘regular’ clothes —a Tshirt, jeans and sneakers — and sipping a diet cola, she looks pretty and well, regular. When asked if she was relieved to be out of the killer heels she was wearing for the show, she replies, “Well, it’s different, but I didn’t mind it at all.”

And she takes the same diplomatic tack when bombarded with questions from journalists about whether she’ll be doing films with her parents. “You’ll have to ask them because their schedules are much busier than mine,” she says firmly but politely. One would expect that she’d make her debut in a Tamil film, which she was supposed to do in a movie opposite Madhavan. Is it true that she had a problem with the leading man and wanted to be paired with someone else? “I had creative differences about the film,” is all she’ll say. Instead, her first stop on the road to stardom is Bollywood. Her first filmi outing will be in the film Luck, starring Sanjay Dutt and Mithun Chakravarty. Is it going to be an action movie? “So I’ve been told. We’ll start filming in July,” she responds.

In a year when everyone’s talking about star sons making their debuts, Shruti is the only high-profile debutante. Is that daunting? “I’m not sure if Lucky is going to release this year; only the producers can answer that. And I haven’t thought about it. But work has to speak for itself and you can’t go on preconceived notions about whose daughter or son you are,” she signs off.

Source: Times of India
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