Car Crazy Subhaan

While Akshay's son Aarav's birthday was celebrated on15th September the actor's good friend and producer Sajid Nadiadwala's six-year-old Subhaan celebrates his on 18th Sep. While Aarav had a carnival-themed party, buddy Subhaan wanted a Hawaiian theme.

Private affair
Says Mommy, "Subhaan knew what he wanted. He's a six-year-old but thinks like a grown up. He even went to Sajid's office and printed and designed the invitations for his party."
Wardha plans to invite kids from Subhaan's school along with friends from the industry. "Since it's the month of Ramzaan, we planned a small, private affair involving only close friends. I didn't want to disappoint Subhaan again this year. Last year, we didn't have a party, and we thought he deserved one this time!"

Hummer for my pal
Aarav and Subhaan who go to the same school, are close friends. For Aarav's birthday, Subhaan wanted to pick up his own gift for Aarav, and got him a remote-controlled Hummer. Meanwhile, the Nadiadwalas got him a techno-robot that moves and picks up things around.

Cars for the men
Wardha adds that her beta is totally into bikes and cars. They got him a Volkswagen Beetle he wanted. Sajid, meanwhile, has bought himself a Bentley. Moreover Subhaan wants all his friends to go back with return gifts.

So there are goodie bags for everyone, which includes specially printed T-shirts with personal pictures on them."

Like fathers, like sons
Sajid and Akshay are not just best friends forever, they also went to the same school and their wives have delivered babies in the same room of a hospital. Their sons are BFFs too!
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