Moushumi Chatterjee Disapproves of her Daughter Megha’s Relationship with Co-Star Rajveer

Moushumi Chatterjee's Daughter Megha with Rajveer

Moushumi Chatterjee is fuming because she disapproves of her daughter Megha’s relationship with co-star Rajveer

If sources are to be believed, yesteryear actress Moushumi Chatterjee is not happy about her daughter Megha's relationship with newcomer Rajveer. Both Megha and Rajveer are the lead pair in their acting debut film, Ruslaan.

Our source said, “Initially, Megha and Rajveer were like any newcomers who did not know each other. Even after their Ruslaan director Mohan Sharma introduced them, they kept their distance and only interacted on a professional level. It was a shooting schedule in Kashmir that brought them closer.”

Megha went out of her way to help Rajveer shed his inhibitions in front of the camera. “Rajveer would feel quite awkward enacting scenes which required him to get intimate with Megha. But, after Megha helped him get over his shy nature, the two became good friends. They gradually discovered that they were compatible and shared similar interests in music and films,” said the source.

But, the relationship hasn’t gone down too well with Moushumi. “Rajveer and Megha are serious about each other much to Moushumi’s chagrin. Moushumi wants her to daughter to focus on her career and not get into any relationship right now. She also feels that Ruslaan is a good break for Megha because it based on the 7/11 serial blasts. However, Megha has told her mother clearly that Rajveer is very much a part of her life whether she likes it or not,” said our source.

Megha’s stand has angered Moushumi to such an extent that she did not even attend the completion party of Ruslaan which was celebrated at a nightclub in Juhu. “The unit waited for Moshumi more so because it was her daughter’s debut film. But, Moushumi did not attend the party. She has refused to promote her daughter in any way,” added our source. When contacted, Rajveer said, “Megha has been a wonderful co-star and I enjoyed working with her in Ruslaan.” On being probed further about his relationship with Megha, Rajveer said, “Yes, she is special but it is something very personal and I don’t want to talk about it.”

And what about Moushumi being upset with Megha because of their relationship? “Moushumiji is a senior actress and I respect her. As far as Megha and I are concerned, she is entitled to her opinion, which I respect,” added Rajveer.

Megha too didn’t deny the news and said, “I definitely won’t give a clichéd comment and say that Rajveer and I are just good friends. Yes, I am fond of him but it is too early to say anything.”
Commenting on her mother being upset with her, Megha said, “She is my mother and has the full right to guide and advise me.” Moushumi Chatterjee remained unavailable for comment.

Source - PARAG MANIAR (Mumbai Mirror)
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