Adnan Sami and Son Azaan To Perform Together For The First Time

Sami and Son get jammin
Now the Son Rises: Adnan and Azaan Sami

Adnan Sami's musically gifted son Azaan, who lives with his mom Zeba Bakhtiar in Karachi, and is in Mumbai for the first time, has been spending a lot of time with his father in the recording studio, jamming, composing and singing. And now, Azaan will be joining his father on stage at a live concert in Dubai on New Years Eve.

Proud papa

It will be Sami Junior's first public appearance. Father and son have already started rehearsing for the December 31 event. "We'll sing my compositions including Dil Kehta Hai Mujhe Yaad Rakhna which I had actually composed for Azaan. From Dubai, we go to the rest of the Middle East. Azaan will be on stage at age 14. I can't believe it."

Says the proud father emotionally, "To see my son being musically inclined makes me so proud. On his first night in Mumbai after we came back from dinner he informed me, 'Babs, I want to compose a song', and I became his obedient assistant. I'm now my son's official musical assistant. So yes, I'm bringing him on stage in Dubai where my wife Sabah is also going to be present."

Gizmo freaks

Adnan's second wife Sabah is currently attending to her business in Dubai but is gung-ho about Junior Sami. Azaan's arrival in Mumbai coincides with Adnan moving into his new home, "I had a whole room done up for him not knowing he'll be staying that room, with all the gizmos possible including a PlayStation. Both of us are gizmo freaks."Journey of discovery

Now father and son are busy discovering Mumbai's delights. "On Saturday, my cook made a full South Indian breakfast for Azaan. He loved it. On Sunday, I cooked a biryani spread for him. Azaan has fallen in love with Mumbai."

Mumbaikar bano Adnan continues, "The two of us were up till 4 am on chatting the night he arrived. Right now, Azaan is sleeping in his Baba's house for the first time. Now I plan to take him with me all over Mumbai and make him as much a Mumbaikar as I am.

We'll have pao-bhaji and bhelpuri on the pavements. We'll visit all my friends in Mumbai too."
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