Shekhar Suman to Produce Film Starring Son Adhyayan and Himself

Ghar ki baat hai
Shekhar Suman, son Adhyayan and his ladylove Kangana to star in a home production
Shekhar Suman, Adhyayan Suman and Kangana Ranaut.

About time

Says Shekhar, "It's about time I took the plunge. And I have only Mahesh Bhatt Saab to thank for it. If it wasn't for my son Adhyayan's talent, I wouldn't be tempted to produce a film. And if it wasn't for Bhatt Saab who spotted the talent and cast my son in Raaz 2 and Jashan, I wouldn't have known how talented my son is."

The film, that goes on the floors in the middle of the year, won't star the father and son Suman in their real-life roles. "I think casting me and Addy as father and son would be too much of a predictable and gimmicky cliché. I've instead come up with this brilliant script that casts Adhyayan as the young heir of an empire and I plau his mentor-friend."

For you, dad!

Shekhar Suman plays a surgeon, a role his doctor-father in real life wanted him to assume before Shekhar became an actor. "My father who's a retired surgeon in Patna was scandalised when his honhaar son decided to become an actor. "Now is my father's chance to see his son as a doctor," he chortles.

The big news beyond the family film is that Adhyayan's girlfriend Kangana Ranaut is also expected to be part of the project. "There's a very pivotal role of Adhyayan's girlfriend which I'd like to offer to Kangana. I don't see why she'd refuse. She should accept it not because of her relationship with Addy but because of what the role is," says Shekhar dryly.

The idea of turning director was playing on Shekhar's mind for some time. "It's a natural progession for me. But it was my son's screen presence that helped me make up my mind."


"There is no world without Verona walls..."

I came into this development/rehearsal process for The Very Nearly Perfect Comedy of Romeo & Juliet with food poisoning, which I considered a good omen. After all, I arrived for the very first collaboration with Zuppa del Giorno, way back in 2002, with a fever. Now I am recovering (knock on wood, cross your fingers, pray and sacrifice small woodland creatures) from a cold that arrived just in time for yesterday's day off. Hence yesterday was spent largely lying about and feeling sorry for myself (though I did learn a line or two more, as well). Yesterday also, however, delivered some exciting news, with which I must merely taunt you -- I don't want to jinx it by letting on too much. Suffice it to say, I need to get back to New York after rehearsal Thursday night in order to attend an exciting audition Friday afternoon, after which I will HAUL REAR back to Scranton for our last rehearsal before teching.

Things in the world of R&J are good. Good and scary, that is, which is as good as it gets in my personal little circle of hurly-burly. We had a nigh-disastrous "run" Sunday, which has focused our intents to getting the show streamlined and specific. Specifically, David has requested that everyone learn the text in order to depart from it at our leisure (as opposed to the other way around) and the ensemble has been tasked with getting unerringly specific with its foley effects. We are, in brief, starting to fuse together as an ensemble, as our many directors make their choices as specific and consistent as possible. Is there enough time now? No, absolutely not. But that is the status quo, and worser works have saved themselves through a similar schedule.
Today, awaking for the first time in a few days with a little energy, I am spending the whole day at the theatre working on lines and my upcoming audition before this evening's rehearsal. It's more than a little harrowing, having two such important things to prepare for, but it's thrilling as well, and makes me feel a lot of faith. How likely was it that an audition that requires clowning and commedia dell'arte skills should come up just as I'm rehearsing for a show involving both? In this context, even my cold seems to me somewhat fortuitous. It has kept me rested just prior to the news, and given me a lot of time to think about what I'm doing. Actors in general are tempted by perceptions of fate and destiny even when we're not working on Shakespeare; I'm trying to keep my head straight through all this . . . but also to be open to omens, such as they may be.

I wrote some time ago (see 11/28/08) about turning down an audition for a very lucrative commercial because it conflicted with teaching work I was doing out here in Scranton. I have never wavered on the decision, as fruitful as such work may have proven, and if this new audition couldn't be compromised with R&J, I would probably not have committed myself to it. Foolish? Yeah. Then again, I'm the one who has to live with my choices, and I'd rather being doing the work that has something more to do with me and my creative life than someone else's. I feel very lucky indeed to have an opportunity to do both over the next few days.
Now if only I can get off-book for act five at the same time...

Neil Nitin Mukesh Spent Birthday With Music-Loving Family Singing Away

Neil Nitin Mukesh With Dad Nitin Mukesh

Neil Nitin Mukesh celebrated his 27th birthday on January 15. The actor took a day off from his shoot and celebrated with a karaoke night with his music-loving family.

Music lovers' night

Neil says, "This has been my best birthday so far. After a long gap of eight months, I took a deserved day off from my shoot and was at home with family and cousins. My dad (Nitin Mukesh), who was travelling also came back to Mumbai to celebrate my birthday. We are all music lovers, so a karaoke night was apt. We had a competition and we sang my grandfather's (Mukesh) songs and I came second. My dad stood first." His younger brother Naman shot the celebrations on Neil's new digicam.

Neil's Mother Nishi

Neil adds that the digicam was a gift from his parents, something he'd been wanting for long. My old one got spoilt and I hadn't found the time to buy a new one. I always carry the camcorder with me on and off sets to capture and record some sweet moments."The birthday boy concludes, "On January 14, I went out with a bunch of close friends for dinner. They too showered me with gifts."

Neil Nitin Mukesh's Brother Naman

Neil has completed Jehangir Surti's Aa Dekhen Zara and is currently working on the pre-production of Madhur Bhandarkar's Jail. The actor will also be seen in Kabir Khan's New York with John Abraham and Katrina Kaif.


"I Take My Kids Out to Play" Says Madhuri Dixit About Her Precious Moments


Madhuri Dixit With Her Son Arin

I guess now that I am not actively into movies, this is the best time for me to do things I’ve always wanted to. My dream has been to build a beautiful home, and I am doing just that. Believe me, it’s a great high. Now, I have my sons, Arin and Ryan who keep me on my toes.

My hands are perpetually full. Frankly, I hardly have time for myself. I don’t even have the time to get bored. Preparing the kids for school, dropping them and then picking them up, playing with them, and later sitting with them to get their studies updated is a huge task by itself. But I am enjoying every minute of it.

Madhu Dixit Nene with Children Arin and Ryan
Now, I am in Mumbai with my kids as it’s their vacation time. Thankfully, it’s a bit easy for me now that there is help at hand. So, I take them to the Juhu Chowpatty, Nehru planetarium, and also to the zoo. But I wish Mumbai had more open space for kids to play.

Source: Times of India

Classic Construction

NOTE: This is an older entry, only being posted now, because I can haz bizyness...

So. As I have noted in previous posts, Zuppa del Giorno has been building up for a while now to the project in which we are now embroiled in earnest -- a comic version of Romeo & Juliet. What may not have been entirely clear from my previous posts (largely because it was not entirely clear to me at the time of said posting) was just how ambitious and ridiculous this adventure would be. I mean: Really. We are reinterpreting the play using traditions of commedia dell'arte and clowning, verse and prose and improvised dialogue, not to mention passages spoken in Italian. The set is being built specifically to be sturdy and climbable, the floor is padded for falls and it is looking somewhat optimistic for Juliet's bed to be, in fact, a circus silk from which Friend Heather and I can hang and climb. We have two Italian collaborators working with us, one of whom is a maestro of the commedia dell'arte. We've been at it for little over a week now, and we're definitely finding our stride, with maybe ten days' real rehearsal left before tech rehearsals begin.
It's all very exciting. And difficult. And cold. Why didn't anyone tell me it would be this cold?
(They did; I just didn't listen.)
"So how is it going?" I hear you ask from behind the folds of the interwebs, your multitudinous voices betraying just the slightest strain of deep-seated desperation? Be calm, Dear Readers, or, as Angelo Crotti screams at Romeo when he's a little more than worked up: "CALME TE!" It is going well. As with any theatrical enterprise, the show is not shaping up to be exactly what I imagined, but that is probably for the best. There's a lot risk in it now, and certainly a great deal more variety. For example, I was thrown to discover just how much of the scenework would involve improvisation over the text, and for a couple of days I wanted to gouge my eyes out with icicles of my own anxiety. That sounds bad, I know, but neither is it hyperbole. I really get that worked up over the work. Hopefully you'll give me the benefit of the doubt, and see this as evidence of my passion for what I make. The fact is, I'm not making this show -- I'm helping to make it, and it needs to be what it will be. So I'm finding peace in the idea of a show with ample modern language mixed in with the Shakespeare; and anyway, I overreacted. The original text is proving just as virulent as contempo-speak. Our Mercutio, potentially the least comfortable with the original text (next to the Italians) frequently slips into the original text mid-improvisation. Billy-boy just wrote good, and it's that simple. That having been said, the man did write a whole lot, and the past few days have been much-consumed with line-memorization for yours truly.
It's rather like this thus far, all-in-all: Today was great work, yesterday was terrible, tomorrow -- who knows? And that's part of the joy. Where will it all lead? Hopefully to many laughs, and at least a couple of well-earned tears. That's all I ever ask for, really, from the theatre.

Amar Upadhyay With Wife Hetal and Kids Aryaman and Chenab

Actor Amar Upadhyay, Mihir Virani of the popular soap on Indian television, Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi is Married to Hetal and has a daughter named Chenab and a son called Aryaman.

Amar made his acting debut in 1992 with the Television serial Dekh Bhai Dekh on Doordarshan. He also acted in the TV serials like Sathiya (Sahara One), Viraasat (Star One), Kasautii Zindagii Kay (Star Plus) etc.

Emraan Hashmi and Wife Parveen On Vacation in Macau

Emraan took wife Parveen on a well-deserved vacation as a belated wedding anniversary gift (Pictures)

Emraan Hashmi was unable to celebrate his first and second wedding anniversary, which falls on December 14, with his wife Parveen due to his shoot schedules. The actor has made up for the missed anniversaries, by treating Parveen to an exotic holiday to Macau and Hong Kong.

"It was after almost a year that my wife and I went for a holiday. Every time we made a plan, it used to get jinxed due some reason. I was in Cape Town shooting for my first anniversary as well as for the second time and that too with the same director — Kunal Deshmukh."

He continues, "I had to make it up to Parveen. I took her to Hong Kong and Macau on December 27. We were in Macau for two days. They were one of the most beautiful times spent together. We spent New Year's eve on a hilltop in a Portuguese restaurant. The weather was great and had the most beautiful view."

"We flew to Hong Kong on January 1. Parveen and I went bungee jumping; it was a crazy experience. We completely enjoyed this well- deserved vacation."

Re Cap

So I journeyed to my parent's place in Hagerstown, MD, on the world's crappiest "Chinatown bus" on the 23rd of last month. It was the 24th by the time I got there, jangling Chinese karaoke still resonant in my head. The next day Wife Megan drives up from her parents' in NoVa and we attend my mom's Christmas Eve service. That night we celebrate Christmas with my parents.
Christmas Day we drive down to NoVa to spend it with her family, and there is much present-opening and nephew-adoring.
The day after that I spend largely at Friend Mark's, with Friends Davey, Steve and Adam, pretending to slay things with our mighty weaponry, there being no mightier weapon that our imaginations.
The next day it was back to Maryland for me to get a little more time with the 'rents and help them with their open house, New Year's buffet the next day. Much food was made, quite a bit (not nearly enough) consumed, and I felt well-fed to return to New York.
Return to New York for a few days and New Year's proper, whereupon Megan and I stay out way too late with Friend Geoff, then have to leap into a cab (pre-packed) for JFK.
Wake in sunny San Juan, January 1, 2009. We burn as we wait to be able to check in to our hotel, cunningly soothed off our guard by the cool breezes and sound of the waves.
The next day, Megan's friends get married on the beach and we bear witness, and dance barefoot on a plywood stage.
In the days that follow we enjoy the luxury of our beachfront hotel, do some sightseeing, then move into our more bohemian quarters in Old San Juan. More sightseeing, more friends, some good alone time too. And then it's back to New York.
A couple of days there to acclimate, unpack, do laundry repack, and then I'm off to rather-less-than-sunny Scranton, Pennsylvania.
Where I have been ever since, working to bring to life an entirely new interpretation of Romeo & Juliet to life with commedia dell'arte, clown and classical work, using poetry, Italian, and improvised dialogue. But more on that anon, now that we're all caught up.

Govinda's Daughter Narmada To be Launched as a Leading Lady This Year

2008 has been a decisive year for Govinda. After working with Mani Ratnam he has decided to work only with directors of a certain caliber.

And now in 2009 Govinda has far more to look forward to. His daughter Narmada will finally be facing the camera and that too with a home production.

Confirming these radical developments in his life Govinda says, "After weighing all the pros and cons I decided I'm the best person to do the needful. I don't want anyone else no matter how well-meaning to take the credit for launching my daughter. So yes, Narmada will finally be launched anytime in 2009."

The director to do the needful for Govinda will be finalized in the next couple of weeks. Those on Govinda's wish-list are Nikhil Advani and Shaad Ali.

"Ideally," says the anxious father, "I'd have liked Narmada to be launched by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. He's among our best. But since that's not possible we're looking at some other names. My daughter has to be directed by someone who has a vision and an aesthetic sense and also respects the work that I do."

Continuing to speak on his favourite subject Govinda says, "I've struggled all my life and I continue to do so. All kinds of strange stories are planted about me. The question is not, why. But by whom? Narmada has also faced very harsh and hurtful incidents (she was involved in a terrible road accident) so early in her life. I feel today she's emotionally equipped to face the camera."

While focusing on his daughter's career Govinda has also taken some hard career decisions for himself. "Six of my releases are ready. But now, after my so-called comeback I've again stopped signing new films. After working with Mani Ratnam I can't go back to doing chalta hai roles in routine films. I'll work only with directors who are as organized and disciplined as Mani Ratnam. He's clear-headed about everything."

Shooting in the jungles wasn't easy. "But it wasn't so tough either," laughs Govinda. "I've spent my childhood in a village. So I'm used to being cut off from city life. Shooting in the jungles with Mani, Abhishek and Aishwarya was very invigorating."

Says Govinda, "For now I'm saying no to all future assignments until I get something comparable with Mani's film. But I'm in negotiation with Ravi Chopra for his next film after Banda Yeh Bindaas Hai which is now complete and being released in February, and for the sequel to Partner with Salman and David. But for now, I'm focusing on giving my daughter the best career launch any father can give."

Leander Paes Poses With His Daughter During Chennai Open

Check her out: Leander with his daughter during the Chennai Open (2009). 3 year old Aiyana is such a cutiepie!

Mini Mathur's Children Vivaan and Sairah

TV host Mini Mathur is mother to five year-old son Vivaan and four month-old daughter Sairah who was born at Breach Candy Hospital in August 2008. Mini had opted out of Indian Idol 4 as she was pregnant with her baby girl.

Mini Mathur With Son Vivaan

Mini Mathur is married for nine years to Kabir Khan, a documentary filmmaker, who also directed Yash Raj Films' Kabul Express. Kabir is now shooting his second Yash Raj Film New York starring John Abraham, Katrina Kaif and Neil Nitin Mukesh.

Mini Mathur With Husband Kabir Khan and Son Vivaan at Zoom's Holi Bash a Couple of Years Ago

She believes that, "Managing the career and family after having a baby is possible only when you know how to fix-up priorities in life. For me both are very important and I do not want to sacrifice on any of them. The trick that I follow is that I forget about home when I'm at work and forget about work when I'm at home. But since my son is very small now I do not follow this strictly. I need to supervise him always and remote control him with the help of my mother in-law and husband. We barely leave him unattended with a maid. I always try to pick him up from school and put him to sleep at night. I also take out time for family holidays when I enjoy with my kid and husband exclusively," says Mini.

About her husband Kabir Khan and marriage:

I think the most important and essential ingredient is the bond of friendship which comes above everything else. If you are the best of friends you'll stick together, come what may.And that's what has helped us as a couple. We've been through everything together, shared everything with each other and still are the best of friends even after so many years.

Mini Mathur With Husband Kabir Khan

I don't do anything without consulting him and neither does he. I think there are many things which you need to speak and discuss with somebody. You want to speak your mind and then want to know how would that help you in the future. There are times when you are completely muzzled and don't know what to do and I think by talking it out to your partner, you get a very clear perspective of the situation.

Kabir Khan With wife Mini Mathur

Dino Morea And Brother Nicolo Plan a Chain of Cafes All Over India

Eat out of their hands: Dino and Nicolo Morea

New year, new eateries

Dino Morea and his brother Nicolo are planning a bar, café chains and kiosks at theatres in Mumbai. Their dream of having a chain of cafés all over India appears to be bearing fruit.

After opening Crepe Station franchises in Mumbai, Kolkata and Hyderabad, the Morea brothers are now all set to launch franchises in Delhi and Chandigarh next month.

Bar-baar dekho

But that's not all. They are also opening a bar in Bandra, next month. Though the place is almost complete, the project is being kept under wraps as the brothers have run into some snags regarding the licenses. The actor reveals, "We are in the process of opening a spacious and swanky bar off Linking Road in Bandra. It's in a good location, and will offer great ambience, good food and drinks. For people who want to relax, have good food and wine, and have a good time — well, this bar's the place. It's been built along the lines of the New York bars — a great place for singles to mingle." The brothers are in the process of finalising the name for their dream project.

Big plans

Though Dino doesn't want to discuss the license bit, he admits, "We wanted to open the bar during Christmas but have run into some snags which we are in the process of sorting out. Once that has been done, we will open the bar in a month's time."

That's not all the Morea brothers are doing. Adds Dino, "Our dream of making a chain of cafés is coming true. And now we plan to have a central Crepe Station kitchen which will provide for Crepe Station kiosks at theatres in Mumbai."

Source: Mid-day

1930s - True

Compliments KAJ...

Priyanka Chopra's Brother Siddharth To Go Overseas to Train as a Chef

Priyanka Chopra With Brother Sidharth Chopra

Priyanka's bro Siddharth off to chef school; family's worried as it is the first time he'll be on his own.

Priyanka Chopra and her parents are preparing for an upheaval in the family, in 2009. The anxious actress's 19-year old brother Siddharth leaves for Switzerland to train as a chef.

Breaking mom's heart

She says, "My brother leaves early next year to train in the culinary arts and hospitality. It's breaking my mom's heart. My brother has never been away on his own not even for a day. How will he manage on his own?"

Priyanka's mother Dr. Madhu Chopra planned to accompany him initially. "She'll probably get a cottage near his college. But I feel he needs to grow up. He's 19. At that age, I was working.
Siddharth is very passionate about cooking. Very few people have a chance in life to follow their dream."

For Priyanka this is a time for gratitude. "After the terror strikes, I went to so many funerals. It just depressed me and made me grateful for what I have. I have my family.
My father is well again. My brother is embarking on a career. I'm healthy," says the actress who is also gung-ho about her upcoming releases Kaminey and What's Your Raashee?

Papa ke liye

Priyanka's dad Dr. Ashok Chopra is also planning to follow his dream in the coming year. His long cherished dream of cutting an album is taking shape. And Priyanka will probably be pitching in. "My dad has been planning an album forever. I'd love to be part of it. But before that I need to train my voice. I won't just sing for a lark."

Rahul Thackeray Is Starting Off a Course at The Keon International Film Academy

Rahul Thackeray

Mommy's boy: After graduating from the Toronto Film School, Rahul Thackeray is starting off a course at the Keon International Film Academy. The KIFA has been designed by film producer and director Rick Bennet. Smita Thackeray launched the KIFA website at the JW Marriott.

Javed Akhtar's Daughter Zoya Gives Filmmaking Her First Shot With 'Luck By Chance'

Zoya Akhtar gives filmmaking her first shot with Luck By Chance, a movie about two strugglers trying to make it in the film industry

Zoya Akhtar
WHEN Farhan Akhtar was in college, he went through an aimless phase, watching films all day and wondering what to do with his life. His sister Zoya, older by a year, never went through that. "I was never aimless; I always loved the movies. When I was in college, I started copywriting, but the movies were always more exciting and at 21, I was assisting Mira Nair. And yet, it took me this long to make my first film," says Zoya, flinging her arms out, seated on a low-level sofa hugging the floor of Excel Entertainment's office.

Zoya Akhtar With Brother Farhan Akhtar
It took her seven years, but now Zoya's Luck By Chance is ready for release on January 30. The film is an often humourous, often sad, inside look at the industry through the eyes of two strugglers (played by Farhan and Konkana Sensharma) who want to make it. It takes a whimsical look at success and failure, and how it all hinges on the choices we make. "People think I'm successful and some feel I'm a failure, but who's making that decision?" asks Zoya, "I've grown up in this hit/flop madness. We weren't filmi kids — we were on the fringes, like flies on the wall looking in. But you still love that world; it's home!"

Farhan and Konkana Sen Sharma in Zoya Akhtar's Luck by ChanceAudition in process

Zoya wrote her first draft seven years ago, lying on Palolim beach in Goa, just after Dil Chahta Hai released. "I hand wrote it and it was some ridiculous, epic-length when I came back and transcribed it on my laptop. The first film is the easiest to write because it's usually what the person knows — their personal graphs, milieu and feelings. Luck By Chance is not about established actors, but those who are waiting for things to happen. Farhan's character is fresh off the boat, while Konkana's does bit roles, looking for a big break."Zoya is all-too familiar with that scenario; she did casting for films like Bhopal Express, Split Wide Open, Kama Sutra and Bombay Boys and was casting director on Excel films like DCH and Lakshya. She's watched the auditions for hundreds of wannabe actors and she grimaces at the thought. "Many times, the actor says, 'I'll do my own scene' and falls straight on the floor, yelling, 'Ma!' and it's all you can do not to laugh. But it's tough, like a meat market. Having someone judge your looks, voice, body. I don't know how you can do that to yourself, it's awful! Which is why we send rejection letters — it's rare in our industry."

Casting calls

Zoya knows about rejection too. The cast of Luck By Chance went through a host of names, like Madhuri Dixit, Saif Ali Khan, Kajol, Karisma Kapoor and Tabu. Zoya and Honeymoon Travels Ltd director Reema Kagti approached so many actors for their movies, it became a running joke between them. "We were competing for who would be turned down more times, by worse people! It was ridiculous," she exclaims.

Hrithik Roshan plays a superstar in Zoya akhtar's Luck By ChanceZoya brushes the wait under the carpet now, happy with her cast. Her film now has several cameos, while Hrithik Roshan plays a superstar in it. "Yes, okay, Farhan is my brother and the producer, but the biggest part for me was the match of our sensibilities. He's known Luck By Chance from the first draft, broken down characters and intent. He knew each scene backwards. He was ready to go," she exclaims.

Dialogues by dad

And as is with her family, Zoya handed her script for readings ("we're great at feedback"). Luck By Chance helped from advice from her father, scriptwriter and lyricist Javed Akhtar and mother, screenwriter Honey Irani. In fact, Akhtar has even written Luck By Chance's dialogues, incorporating, as Zoya puts it, his bizarre sense of humour.

Brother Farhan too was always there for Zoya. He has spoken of how little he remembers his parents' separation, mainly because Zoya protected him through it, but the big sister shrugs it off, saying, "It happened so long ago and everyone is happy in their spaces that it feels almost like another lifetime. Farhan and I are really tight and our fights have changed over the years. First it was 'get out of my room', now we're more into cold wars and 'let's talk about this later.'"

At the suggestion of it, Zoya laughs, "I give a s*** if people think that Farhan ghost-directed this, as long as people just go in and watch my film!" We have to ask… Zoya is, after all, the Rock On!! dude's sister. Does she sing? "Not at all," she says with dead emphasis, "I do sing with my ability, but very, very badly!"

Movies in Zoya's list

* Robert Altman's The Player
* Hrishikesh Mukherjee's Guddi
* Ram Gopal Varma's Rangeela
* Farah Khan's Om Shanti Om

'Yes, okay, Farhan is my brother and the producer, but the biggest part for me was the match of our sensibilities. He's known Luck By Chance from the first draft and each scene backwards'

Zoya on getting lucky with Rishi, Dimple, Juhi

Rishi Kapoor: "As soon as I spoke to Rishi Kapoor about the part of the producer, he liked it. I found out that he does a lot of homework — he wanted to go along to shop for his clothes and shoes and did tests for wigs. He usually keeps a goatee, but I didn't want one — I wanted the clean cute vibe. He's played the producer wonderfully; loud and boisterous."

Dimple Kapadia: "I could have had Shabana (Azmi) as the diva, but I needed a mainstream heroine. Only a leading lady would do. Dimple has played it edgy. She's all warm, soft sunshine and then there's a flip and she's hard, cold, steely. What I loved was that she was so good to me."

Juhi Chawla: "When I first met Juhi for the producer's wife, she was sweet and nice. I kept thinking that somewhere along the making, the mask was going to drop. But that's just Juhi, sweet, polite, encouraging. It's not a huge part, but Juhi is the juice."
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