Shekhar Suman to Produce Film Starring Son Adhyayan and Himself

Ghar ki baat hai
Shekhar Suman, son Adhyayan and his ladylove Kangana to star in a home production
Shekhar Suman, Adhyayan Suman and Kangana Ranaut.

About time

Says Shekhar, "It's about time I took the plunge. And I have only Mahesh Bhatt Saab to thank for it. If it wasn't for my son Adhyayan's talent, I wouldn't be tempted to produce a film. And if it wasn't for Bhatt Saab who spotted the talent and cast my son in Raaz 2 and Jashan, I wouldn't have known how talented my son is."

The film, that goes on the floors in the middle of the year, won't star the father and son Suman in their real-life roles. "I think casting me and Addy as father and son would be too much of a predictable and gimmicky cliché. I've instead come up with this brilliant script that casts Adhyayan as the young heir of an empire and I plau his mentor-friend."

For you, dad!

Shekhar Suman plays a surgeon, a role his doctor-father in real life wanted him to assume before Shekhar became an actor. "My father who's a retired surgeon in Patna was scandalised when his honhaar son decided to become an actor. "Now is my father's chance to see his son as a doctor," he chortles.

The big news beyond the family film is that Adhyayan's girlfriend Kangana Ranaut is also expected to be part of the project. "There's a very pivotal role of Adhyayan's girlfriend which I'd like to offer to Kangana. I don't see why she'd refuse. She should accept it not because of her relationship with Addy but because of what the role is," says Shekhar dryly.

The idea of turning director was playing on Shekhar's mind for some time. "It's a natural progession for me. But it was my son's screen presence that helped me make up my mind."

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