Vikram Bhatt's 14-Year-Old Daughter Took Him and His Ex-Wife Out For Dinner

Vikram Bhatt is in the middle of shooting his next adventure thriller titled Shaapit. He is producing six films this year but that doesn't mean it's all about work. The currently-single director is enjoying bonding with his daughter Krishna, and how they had a Father's Day dinner together, two days ago. Here Vikram talks about his daughter's plans to follow in his footsteps and why he isn't ready to get into another relationship among other things...

You daughter took you out for Father's Day dinner...
It was sort of a surprise, and a pleasant one at that. Since it was Father's Day, Krishna decided to take my ex-wife Aditi and me out for dinner. She also bought me a couple of trinkets and a scroll which was a big surprise for me. I think she really made the day special for me.

You are closer to her than you were before?
Yes, Krishna is now fourteen and takes an active interest in my work. I am happy with the time I share with her today, and we try and spend as much together as possible.

Didn't you say you made Ankahee for her? Was she happy with the film?
Yes it was made for her and she's watched it quite a few times. As for her opinion on the film, she's very quiet about it.

What does you daughter think of your films?
Well, she has mixed opinions. There are films that she has liked and some she hasn't. But she does watch everything I make and has a firm opinion, which does matter to me and I take it very seriously.

Does she plan to follow in your footsteps?
Yes, she wants to be a director some day. In fact, she co-wrote the script for my TV series on Sony. She loves to be around when I am narrating a script that's her favourite part. In fact, now that am in the middle of film making, Krishna loves to come and spend time on my sets whenever possible.

Do you meet your ex-wife? Are things cordial now?
I can say that things are good and there are a couple of areas that I need to work on, and some things that need to be set right, and it will all happen in good time.

Why haven't you been in a relationship since Ameesha?
I don't want to hide my relation if I am in one. I don't feel the need to be with anyone at the moment.

Does your daughter ever talk about you getting married?
No, she doesn't want me to have a girlfriend. In fact, she's clearly told me that she has to approve the next woman that comes into my life. I guess I will have to obey her command!

You have repeated Adah Sharma in Phirr, is it true that she's signed an exclusive contract with you?
I have no exclusive contract whatsoever with Adah. In fact, that only happens in the first film with new actors. But Adah is free to work with outside directors. However she hasn't really been offered much work. But I am happy to have her on board for Phirr.

How are you balancing directing and producing?
It's not that difficult. I am producing six films under ASA productions. Presently, I am directing Shaapit with Aditya Narayan, then there is Three with Nausheen Ali Sardar and Aashish Choudhary, directed by Vishal Pandya. Then there is Phirr with Adah and Rajneesh. Besides this, Khalid Mohamed will also be directing a film.
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