Zayed Khan With Wife Mallaika and Son Zidaan at Sanjay Dutt's Place

Sanjay and Maanyata Dutt held a Mata Ki Chowky at their Pali Hill home on Saturday. Several Bollywood folk were present. Spotted at the event were Zayed Khan and family. Zayed came with his wife Mallaika Parekh and one and half year old son Zidaan.

Zayed Khan with his wife Mallaika and son Zidaan

Ziddan, was born on 18 January 2008. Zayed says “My son's name, Zidaan means son. His naming was put to vote and we all opted for Zidaan. It feels very strange and yet very comforting to have someone usurp me as the baby of the family. I enjoyed it while it lasted. But now I want to pass the baton on.

Grandfather Sanjay Khan calls Zidaan his third copy.

“The three most defining moments in a guy’s life are, when his father calls him his son, when the woman he loves call him her husband and when his child calls him father. I’ve gone through all these defining moments. My parents are ecstatic. Words cannot express their happiness. My dad says, ‘My third copy is out’.”
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