Aarav Will be Ready For Karate Competition By 2010

Karate kid debuts...
... in 2010. Akki's son Aarav will be ready for competition by that time

Come 2010 and Akshay Kumar's son Aarav will be a major competitor at the papa's Invitational Open National Karate-do Championship.

The Karate-do championship is the brainchild of Aarav's coach Shihan Mehul Vora, a martial arts practitioner and teacher. He wanted the star beta to participate in the championship this year but the actor denied permission.
Papa Kumar felt that beta Aarav wasn't ready and it would be unethical if he allowed Aarav to compete with people who are more talented and have received training for years. The actor felt that the students taking part have been slogging for years and Akshay didn't want to be accused of favoritism.

Reveals a source, "Now Akki has taken it into his own hands to train Aarav along with Mehul. The training starts in the morning and goes on for a couple of hours. The Khiladi wants Aarav to be qualified enough after training for a year. In fact, Twinkle's bundle of joy has has a bet with his dad that if he wins next year, he will receive a special gift. This time, Aarav will only watch the participants." Akki's boy has been learning karate since he was four. 30,000 students have already registered for the championship this year out of which 1,000 will be shortlisted. They will be Akshay's guests in Mumbai for three days, all expenses paid. Winners will get a medal from a recognised school in Japan.
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