Jackie and Ayesha Shroff's Son Tiger to Make Movie Debut in 2012

Jai 'Tiger' Shroff is getting ready for a filmi debut. Jackie and Ayesha's 19-year-old son has already been getting lot of attention. A sport enthusiast presently training in martial arts, Tiger has already recieved several film offers. However, mom Ayesha thinks he's too young and wants to wait another two years before he debuts.


Describing him as an all- rounder Ayesha says, "Tiger is an outdoor guy and an extrovert. He loves his sports and has played everything from basketball to golf. At the moment, he's taken to parkour and is busy getting in his best shape. Right from his school days, he's been attracted to sports, so fitness is in his blood."

Better options

Is being an actor a natural progression for him? "Actually we had sent him to the US to try and be a professional basketball player. But he got homesick and wanted to come back. All his friends are here, and he didn't want to be away from them. Now, he wants to get into acting, but it's going to take a while before that happens. The advantage is that since the industry is like family, he will have better options and avenues than someone else."

Manager in place

Ayesha has already got a manager for her son. "We want to go the professional way and make sure he gets it right. Since we get so many inquiries for him, I have got a manager to handle his work. Today's style of working is very different from the time Jackie started off." He is also taking diction classes. She continues, "His style of speaking Hindi is very like his father, so we need to polish it a bit. Besides that I also want him to come on the sets of my under-production films so he gets a first hand account of what it's like to work in the indu
stry. It's not as hunky dory as it seems."
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