A Look at Sushmita Sen's Second Baby Daughter Alicia

Pictures of Alicia With Mom Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen who had adopted a three-month-old baby girl last December, finished legal formalities for her second baby, Alicia Sen, fulfilling her long cherished desire of adopting another girl child. She told reporters that 'From this moment on Alicia is officially Alicia Sen and she is my daughter.' Ten years ago, she had defied the odds when she adopted Renee.

The Bombay High Court on Wednesday, Jan 13, allowed her the custody of Alicia/Alisah, a 5-month-old baby. The girl was with Sush since December but has now officially become her daughter due to requirement of court’s permission. Now a mother again, Sush is extremely happy to bring a new member to her family. “It’s is a big day for me. Today Alicia is officially mine,” she is quoted as saying.

Sush adopted her first girl child Renee as per Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act in the year 2000. But the act forbids her to adopt a second child of the same gender. Sush always wanted to adopt another girl child after Renee, but because of the law, she couldn’t. To her relief, a law passed last year allowed a person to adopt a second child of the same sex under the Juvenile Justice Act.

Born on August 28, 2009, the baby was surrendered few days later by her unmarried mother to Child Welfare Committee. Alisha, who’s been with Sen since December, was earlier just her ward. However, the legal adoption process has been completed now and the almost six-month-old is now officially Sen’s daughter.

When asked how Renee feels about her younger sister, Sushmita reveals that her oldest daughter takes on her role as the big sister rather seriously. She volunteers to change her sister’s diapers and even attempts to give her baby sister a bath.Sushmita also reveals that despite being happy and content with her life, she still looks forward to getting married someday. Her daughters will definitely be the bridesmaids at her wedding.
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