Aarav Akshay Kumar Wins His First Award For Involvement in Reduction of Global Warming at Only Nine Years!

Aarav: At 9, a winner!

It's an award for a 'green' cause, no less!
Pictures from the Event

Akshay Kumar's son Aarav has won an award for his involvement in the reduction of global warming at a tender age.

Mom, dad won't attend

While the actor may have taken over 20 years to get his first award, Aarav has won one at nine. The sad part is that his parents Akshay and Twinkle are both away in Germany for a hydro-therapy course and will be unable to attend. Aarav's grandmother Dimple will accompany him to the event.

The big miss

Normally, the actor wouldn't have missed his son's special moment for the world but Akshay, says the source, "tried to get the dates for his hydro-therapy treatment postponed but one gets the doctor's dates months earlier and there were no dates available after that, so Twinkle and he had to go. However, the actor picked out a suit for his son's big day before leaving for Hamburg."

Adds the source, "Normally, Akshay likes to keep Aarav away from public events but this is the first award his son has won and Akshay is glad it's for such a good cause. Akshay is very emotional that his son has won one at such an early age."

Evening out

Aarav will be awarded at the second edition of the Green Globe Foundation Awards organised by Wizcraft at a ceremony today during the inaugural evening of the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit at the Taj Palace, New Delhi. Aarav's award -- for Extraordinary Contribution by a Child -- is being given by a news channel.

Says a source close to Akshay, "Last year, while watching a TV programme called Greenathon, Aarav had asked his father to adopt a village without electricity and supply them with solar lanterns and other energy-saving devices. Aarav has been taking a personal interest in the village and checks on the stuff himself before it is sent. He saves electricity and water at home. When he saw Avatar with Akshay and saw trees being cut down, he tersely commented, 'These human beings are very bad.' "

Concludes the source, "The jury was impressed by the involvement of Aarav in global warming at such a young age and decided to award him."

What's the Green Globe Foundation Awards?

The Awards have been instituted as a salutation to the efforts of organisations and individuals fighting climate change through their work in environment preservation and regeneration. The winners have been decided by a jury panel of personalities from different walks of life. The panel constitutes, Mr M C Mehta, Mr Kartikeya Sarabhai, Mr Darryl D'Monte, Mr Bittu Sahgal, Ms Ranjana Saikia, Mr Abhijit Sinha and Ms Mili Majumdar. The jury has made their decisions, taking into consideration the innovation, social impact, cost implications and sustainability of the action, involved.
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