An Emotional Response to the Physical

Not at all sure what the questionable-quality food items are all about...

This video got me thinking about how I enjoy things like the comedy of Buster Keaton, and Rube Goldberg machines, and then not but two weeks later, OK Go! released an Internet 'asploding music video featuring an incredibly elaborate machine (and well-directed video, I may add) comprised of everyday items:

If you haven't seen the above yet, you're welcome, and you are a jerk. Yes: a jerk, for your ignorance. Mental Floss also put together a bunch o' Rube for your viewing pleasure ovah heeyah.

So what is this attraction to inanimate objects? Particularly those engaged in some unintended use? I'll break down some ideas I have as to the appeal, both personal and (perhaps [in some cases]) universal. Breaking it down 'til the break of dawn:
  1. It makes us feel optimistic to think of objects as fulfilling purposes, instead of being merely lifeless tools. Purpose connotes design connotes meaning.
  2. It makes us feel optimistic to see supposed purposes up-ended, and still demonstrate some sort of function. Creativity connotes a larger purpose.
  3. When objects interact with forces, we ascribe behavior to them, which makes the world a bright-n-shiny adventure, filled with personality.
  4. There is a sense of wonder created by acts of metamorphosis.
  5. By manipulating objects, we gain a broader sense of control over ourselves and the world. Comfort in safety?
  6. Objects are SO NOT controllable, in that they're animated by the same myriad physical forces that manipulate us; of which there are so many, we can never guarantee that the dang ball will go through the dang hoop (much less that we won't, say, trip on a staircase today). Objects are, therefore, spontaneous. Excitement in danger?
  7. Wish-fulfillment and family-building. Our pattern-recognition is based in distinctly human forms and features. In other words, we are continually, subconsciously, "recognizing" the things around us -- we want our cars to have faces, and we need to think of that table bit as a leg, that lamp bit as an arm. Objects are, by extension (pun acknowledged and admired, I'm not ashamed to admit), our children. We made them.
Okay, whether that's all rubbish to you or gospel for some new, quasi-dystopian religious beliefs (Tom Robbins, I'm looking in your direction...) I'm sure you can name a thing or two that you feel an abnormal level of affection for. Objects, physical and inanimate, populate our world and play out scenes with us daily. It is natural to incorporate objects -- or "tools" if you prefer -- into ourselves and our passage in/through time. It's a blurrier line than we may imagine, too, the distinction between animate and inanimate. Certainly physics could make an argument that nothing in existence is or could be truly in-animate, but even on a simpler, perceptive level we have to distinguish between the life of a plant and the life of an animal, or even the life of a planet and the life of an atom. Are we objects? Sure we are, divine ones or no.

Emotions may be even more difficult to define than objects. My opinion is that emotions are by-and-large sublimated survival instincts. They evolved in response both to changing survival priorities and the development of our particular self-awareness and abstract thinking. If you accept that theory as I do, it makes emotions at once very pragmatic and rather mysterious. They can be played upon, manipulated, but they also play upon and manipulate us. They are internal, with tremendous external effects and implications. And of course, our emotions allow us to connect with one another beyond a purely mechanical way. This possibility alone may be the best distinction between ourselves and other "objects."

In other words, it seems completely natural to me that when a hat flips up to land perfectly on someone's head, I am applauding for the hat itself. Or, when I stumble over an errant bit of sidewalk, to curse the day it was born. But here I'm hitting on another reason we respond so emotionally to the physical world: Because all the world's a stage, and all of us players, and players in our own unique play, at that.

6/15/10 Update: Over at, Jason Henninger discusses similar questions as applied to robotics.

Luv Sinha Wants to Be a Trendsetter

Making his debut with Rekha, Shatrughan Sinha’s son is getting there
Luv Sinha with Rekha

Another actor son makes his debut next week. And Luv Sinha, the son of actor-politician Shatrughan Sinha, is unabashed about following in his father's footsteps and says he wants to be a trendsetter too.

Luv, who is set to make his debut with the partition drama ‘Sadiyaan’ with veterans Hema Malini, Rekha and Rishi Kapoor, is quite clear about the path he wants to follow.

"My father earned a big name and people don't hesitate to copy him even today. I want to earn something like that for myself. I will work hard to get there and bring out what is most expected out of me. I want others to follow my style," Luv said.

Luv, whose brother Kush and sister Sonakshi are also planning to enter Bollywood as actors, says he came to the sets with an open mind.

"It's important to keep one's attitude at home and not restrict yourself. I did what my director asked me to do. I learnt by listening more and speaking less. I pushed myself to come out with what was expected of me."

Directed by Raj Kanwar, ‘Sadiyaan’ tells the story of two mothers, a Hindu played by Rekha and a Muslim played by Hema Malini, from partition till the 1970s. Releasing April 2, it also stars Rishi Kapoor.

"The story begins during partition. Then the story moves to 1970s. During the 70s India was still a young nation and the memories of partition were afresh. 'Sadiyaan' is a family drama that touches on the relationship between the two nations."

The newcomer is full of praise for his veteran co-stars.

"It's been an amazing start and an enriching experience as I got a chance to work with talented actors like Rishi Kapoor, Rekha and Hema Malini.

"The characteristics that each one of them has are unique and make their work stand out and liked by all. Rishi uncle is very sharp and makes everything seem so effortless, Hemaji is relaxed, cool and very supportive whereas Rekhaji is very attentive and focuses on detailing."

Luv clarifies that he is in no hurry to sign projects.

"I am really looking forward to work with good directors and production houses. I am going through a couple of scripts. But I believe it is important for filmmakers to notice my work first. I am keen on doing romantic, action, comedy but a big no no for horror movies," he added. He is hoping to work with Asin Thottumkal and Kareena Kapoor at some point.

As he sees it, ‘Sadiyaan’ is a small step towards an acting career."I have no complaints and I think it's been an amazing life so far. I think I have been blessed. I have lived a life that most children dream of. It's true one needs to be conscious and a little more responsible.

"My parents have been very supportive and I believe this is not an achievement or time to celebrate but this is a small step towards the beginning of my career. I have a long way to go."

Before venturing into movies, he did a course from the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune, but feels that three months' training can't decide one's future.

"I think it's good to come prepared as it isn't an easy industry to survive. Training helps a newcomer to feel confident, but that doesn't mean you are unbeatable. One should not become complacent... and should not walk chin-up," he said.

Holding the Mirror Up

As you may have been alerted on The Facebooks, The Twitters and/or ma' brother 'blog, Loki's Apiary, I am performing this week in a short play called Princess. Jason Schafer is the writer of this play, Kay Long directs and Stacey Linnartz performs with me (or really: I with her), to drop a few names for The Googles. This is a tough one to write about midstream, as it were, because to reveal anything specific about the plot sort of jiggles the ride a bit too much. Suffice it to say that I play a young husband and father having a rather important conversation with my wife, about our son.

As you may also know from The Everythings, Wife Megan and I recently invited a new addition to our little family. Anton is not quite the same as having a son, but I have to admit that he has been full of more lessons and surprises -- not to mention, less sleep -- than I had imagined. A series of his more worrisome idiosyncrasies:
  • He's named Anton . . . and I didn't name him. That was his name when we adopted him, and as a theatre enthusiast I am required to honor it, and yet everyone we tell responds, "Anton...?" in, you know, that way.
  • Anton's got these stiff back legs, so not much of a jumper. He's not too old, but something's up there. Makes me wonder if he was a dog in a past life.
  • He doesn't like being held, and won't sit in laps. Very affectionate otherwise, though, so maybe it's got something to do with the legs.
  • When we go to bed, anywhere from ten minutes to an hour later he will meow from the other room . . . with question marks at the end. I AM NOT KIDDING. There is no other interpretation. Anton has somehow lost us between the two rooms of our apartment.
  • He's a bit of a biter (not hard), fairly neurotic (see above) and . . . a humper. He humps. Blankets and jackets, mostly. He's neutered, but there you have it. He is humpy.
The son of my character does not have any of these problems (insofar as the script has detailed) but the emotions remind me of our recent feline complications. You worry, at odd times, and you spend a lot of time blindly interpreting, too. Does the love of a cat compare to the love for a child? Certainly not, yet I am surprised by how affectionate I have become of Anton in such a short time, and it reminds me of that old idiom about fathers not really being fathers until they actually get to meet their child.

Worry not, Dear Reader: I am not sense-memory-ing my way through Princess using my cat as an analogue for a son. (I might've in college, though, I have to confess.) I'm just sort of fascinated by the ways in which what I'm making happen and what is happening to me tend to become harmonious when I'm working in the theatre. Neither am I suggesting anything mystical in this -- I tend to view these things from a humanist perspective, at most -- yet it may just say something about how intention and deliberate action can influence one's sense of unity in life. And why the theatre in particular? Well, that may particularly have to do with me, and how much I love it, but it may also have to do with how much more evident observations can become when one is living out loud (much less in front of an audience).

It was actually in college that I really started to notice it, though somehow I aspired to "noticing" it even in high school. It's this "Oh...huh...yes..." kind of moment that occurs in rehearsal, and also starts to occur a bit in life, assuming you're feeling a strong connection to the work. In rehearsal you spend all this concentrated energy saying, for example, the same five words over and over again, in different ways, until at some point you nail it: oh...huh...yes.... It's great. Doesn't happen nearly enough, in my opinion. The act of searching -- not being in a generic search mode, but actively searching -- heightens awarenesses both internal and external. It can feel like a kind of magic, and you want to share it with everyone, but of course not everyone is interested. So, if you're like me, you end up humming quietly to yourself and every so often accidentally effusing all over some hapless and innocent Internet troller such as yourself.

Egad, I <3 the Internet.

Even if you accept my half-formed theories about how this synchronicity comes about, there remain some chicken-and-egg-type questions. Do you perceive a connection because you want to, or because it's pointedly poking you in the deep recesses of your brain? Did your searching begin with rehearsal, or did it start with looking for a job? Are the connections a result of the searching, or vice versa? Am I a proud cat owner because I'm thinking more about parenthood, or am I thinking more about parenthood because I have this weirdo cat, or is it all because of Megan?

Oh; huh: yes. Well, that last one is pretty clear-cut. But the rest are still unanswerable!

Madhavan With His Son Vedaant Shot For a Social Message Ad

Madhavan and his five-year-old son Vedaant features in a social message advertisement. It's Vedaant's debut and Maddy is maha thrilled about it. Following early in dad's footsteps, eh?

Madhavan With Wife Sarita and son Vedaant

At one of the public speaking workshops in Maharashtra workshop, R.Madhavan encountered his wife, Sarita Birje, an air hostess, whom he married in 1999. Their first son, Vedant was born on 21 August 2005.

Dad Would Never Have Approved of IPL Says Vivian Richards Daughter Masaba Gupta

India's first celebrity lovechild, Masaba Gupta, claims that while on tour, dad Vivian Richards would crash by nine every night

Photograph: Masaba Gupta, Daughter of Sir Vivian Richards and Neena Gupta

In the glitzy din of the Regal Room at the Trident, which was hosting the IPL after party and a fashion show by Rocky S, Late into the Night India’s first celebrity lovechild, Masaba, made a wary entry in an electric blue dress, accompanied by a fashion designer friend Nishka Lulla. But there was no missing the guarded aura and the irony - Masaba was after all India’s first love child, the product of a stormy affair between West Indian cricketer Sir Isaac Vivian Alexander Richards and veteran Indian television actress Neena Gupta.

Yet, for all her cricket pedigree, the young fashion designer was disapproving of cricket Matches in its present avatar, the IPL. “I am not very comfortable with this side of cricket, this new version of it. I know I am in no position to speak for my parents, and I rarely do, but I know for a fact that dad would never have approved of this. In his time, cricket was a lot more conscientious, a lot more principled. How do these players perform if they party so hard? When dad went on tours, he tells me that all players would be in bed by 9 pm sharp, every night, for as long as the tour lasted. I think it was a matter of principle. So this is new to me.”

As for herself, Masaba claimed she was not comfortable with the vibe she was getting from the over-glamorised IPL, but she stuck to her stand: “I am only here to support my friend Rocky S, because I have always admired his creativity. I do get awkward with weird men who keep staring at me, but I don’t let that bother me, because ultimately I am merely here to celebrate my friend’s fashion show since I too am from the field,” said Masaba.

Speaking of her mother, Masaba added, “Mom is happy. She’s flitting between Delhi and Mumbai now that she is married to a chartered accountant based out of Delhi. I am settling into my fashion designing. On the whole, life goes on.” Masaba, who graduated in fashion design from SNDT, recently debuted at the Lakme Fashion Week 2010. This was her first IPL sighting.

Shahrukh Khan With Daugter Suhana At the IPL 2010 Matches

Shahrukh Khan was seen with Daughter Suhana cheering his Kolkata team, Kolkata Knight Riders at an Indian Premier League (IPL) T20 Match. Kolkata Knight Riders team is bought by Shahrukh Khan's Red Chillies Entertainment in partnership with Juhi Chawla Mehta and her Husband Jay Mehta.

Here are the pictures of SRK, Daughter and Wife Gauri supporting their team at IPL 2010.Shahrukh Khan With Daughter Suhana at an Indian Premier League Match with Kolkata Knight Riders

Shahrukh Khan With Daughter Suhana at the 3rd edition of IPL.

SRK With Daughter Suhana.

SRK's Wife Gauri Khan with Daughter Suhana at one of the DLF IPL 2010 Matches.


When I get very frustrated or scared by life, I tend to do something somewhat strange: I look for martial arts schools. Then, after a little searching, I realize why I'm not finding what I'm looking for. I'm not looking for a martial arts school, but a sensei (or sifu, or "teacher"). Oh sure: I'd like to be strong like that (head-crackin' strong) and learn stuffs related to inner peace and balance (and head-crackin') but, as with my early demands on directors, I'm actually seeking guidance. More specifically, I'm seeking someone I can respect and who can rearrange me into someone who makes sense. You know: someone like Pat Morita. Thank you for that, My Childhood. When you have a moment, I'd also like to discuss the long-term psychological effects of way over-prioritizing Thundercats time.

It appeals to me on many levels. Martial arts offer the masochistic side of me a delightful little playground of self-induced torture, which is ultimately always more relaxing to me than, say, relaxing on a beach in San Juan. (The distinction between relaxation and exhaustion has always been for me a rather tenuous one.) It's also plain ol' simple. Now, there is nothing simple about the actual martial arts, but there can be something basic about them in the sense in which they are often portrayed in film: montages of incredible repetition. If you just, keep, smacking, that, granite, post, it, will, break, with, a, tre, men, dous, sense of catharsis. And there is the head crackin', of course. I'm not too proud to confess the personal appeal of that brute mastery over the world's greatest prey. Yeah, okay: I have some issues.


Look, my desire is deep-rooted and sincere, in spite of what may come across in my "humor" here. I'm also aware, however, that I'm making an essentially juvenile error of perception. The movies tell us that the mentor in this sense will initially be inscrutable and/or terrorizing, then there will follow a sort of hazing by which one is broken down, only to rally at the last possible moment and prove him or her self to be worthy of the master's heretofore latent genius. Then this paradigm is relentlessly repeated, in smaller incidents, until it all culminates in one final, intense repetition of the story -- usually some ultimate competition or battle. The student is punished relentlessly through Herculean (albeit exceedingly brief) trials, barely surviving to see the end, whereupon s/he wins the day with some detail from the previous repetitions that makes the audience feel that thrill of a conflict between surprise and expectation. And then, somehow, the student does something to show us that s/he hasn't really changed at all -- s/he had it in her/him all the time/time.

I don't mean to say the hope depicted here is juvenile. Hope is great stuff. Then again, so is a realistic relationship to one's environment. We undervalue sanity in the movies, and that's all to the good. It makes it easier to agree amongst ourselves (read: appeal to a large audience). In the rest of life, hope -- like love -- needs a support. It is, of itself, not a true virtue. Both may be necessary (and I believe they are) but they aren't virtues. Hope is a thing with wings, but not a cargo jet. Get not me wrong: I love hope (and I hope love?). It's just that, we sweat and bleed and nothing is as simple as a montage would have us believe. Even with a continuous rock'n'roll soundtrack (sorry iPod [I may need to lay off the parenthetical statements {for a little while}]).

No, what's juvenile is putting one's hope into any one person, and I include oneself in that estimation. Even if we are the hidden master of Wushu, we're absolutely going to need support once in a while, and usually at the time we most revile the idea of asking for it. We need one another. It's in this sense that the allegory in a good ol' pulling-up-bootstraps film does indeed have relevance to one's life philosophy: We need teachers, and we need students, and we can never be certain which of these we are at a given moment. The mainstream movies are made for simplifying -- or distilling, if you prefer -- this kind of complexity into a nice, iconic story for the masses. So maybe it makes sense that on an individual level, this sensei paradigm doesn't work in the same way. It is too unique, too dynamic. Too valuable.

All I'm saying is, it feels better with a sensei, and if you have a single, universal sensei, then it's a whole lot less fuss. I mean, I'll still be smacking this granite post over here if you need me, but it would be a lot more fun if I could blame it on someone else. Let's commence to the head crackin' climactic battle already! Yes, sensei, may I have another?!

Vijay Mallya's Son Siddharth Mallya

Vijay Mallya is married twice. His first wife was Sameera, a former Air India hostess, and the couple have one son, Sidhartha Vijay Mallya. He later married Rekha, and has two daughters born of this relationship, Leana and Tanya.

Siddharth Mallya is the generation next Business Tycoon. On his 18th Birthday, his father Vijay Mallya made him the heir apparent of his UB Empire. 'Play hard and work harder' is the motto of Mallya Jr. So the stage is now set for Sidhartha to add more cheer to his dad’s liquor and Airline businesses.

Vijay Mallya and his son Siddharth with Deepika Padukone at one of the VIP lounges at one of the IPL 2010 T20 Matches.

Deepika Padukone and Siddarth Mallya at an IPL match.

Deepika Padukone with Siddhartha Mallya During The Launch of Kingfisher Swimsuit Calender in Mumbai on Dec 20 2009.

UB Group Chairman Vijay Mallya, along with Kingfisher Airlines brand ambassador Katrina Kaif and his son Siddharth Mallya, in Mumbai at a ceremony organised ahead of the launch of his low-cost airline in 2005.

An Interview with Siddharth Mallya just before IPL 2010

Last year's runners-up, Royal Challengers Bangalore is gung-ho about the team's chances this year at the Indian Premier League tournament and the franchisee's marketing team is doing everything it can — from experiential marketing to social media — to drive up the frenzy.

Mr Sidhartha V. Mallya, RCB Franchisee Representative and son of RCB owner Mr Vijay Mallya, responded to Business Line's, questions in an e-mail, on what's in store for cricket lovers, the RCB fans in particular, in the third season of the IPL.

What kind of marketing initiatives has RCB planned this year?

RCB is investing money to engage with fans so that they feel they are part of the team. A significant part of our investment is directed towards digital outreach including the recently-concluded contest for the positions of Chief blogger, photographer, videographer and podcaster for the team. is one of the top fan sites, with over 43,000 registered fans. Brand Royal Challengers is the platinum sponsor for the recently launched Google YouTube channel for IPL. This association will bring invaluable archival footage from the matches to the fans of Royal Challengers and other team fans. This will enhance brand visibility across all channels of Google among the relevant target fans.

Leading brands from United Spirits — Whyte & Mackay, McDowell's No1, in addition to Royal Challenge, — continue to be the key sponsors for the Royal Challengers team. In addition, Reebok is the team apparel sponsor on field and Indigo Nation is the formal attire sponsor.

How will United Spirits Ltd (USL) market its products through the IPL, considering direct advertising of liquor is not allowed?

USL brands have always associated themselves with activities which mirror the lifestyle and aspirations of our consumers. IPL gives us access to consumer experience assets such as player meet and greets, travelling with the team and these opportunities are effectively leveraged to build loyalty among consumers. We have created several opportunities for the fans to interact closely with the Royal Challengers team, including the recently concluded Fanatic Fans Challenge whereby four fans get to travel with the team as the official photographer, videographer, podcaster and blogger. In addition, several initiatives under the banner of various brands including the Whyte & Mackay Specialist (select fans will interview Kevin Pietersen) and stadium initiatives for fans to watch the match with celebrities have been lined up.

All of USL's experiential marketing efforts are targeted to switch consumers / build loyalty among existing consumers and direct them to the point of consumption and sale.

The tickets for IPL matches in Bangalore have been priced high, barring the students' tickets. Can the franchise make enough money despite the prices? What's your expectation on ticket sales in this edition?

Ticket prices have only been increased for those stands which are specifically targeted at the corporates for their hospitality purposes. The franchisee is investing in these stands to create an experience which is truly world class.

Incremental ticket prices have not dampened the enthusiasm of the fans given the popularity of IPL and the success of RCB last season. We expect sales to be higher on account of the increased demand for corporate hospitality and greater fan loyalty driving sales across various price points.

The fans are already lapping tickets up with the premium Whyte & Mackay Corporate Lounge at the Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore all sold out already. The Royal Challenge Terrace is also fast selling-out. Come game day, Chinnaswamy Stadium will be the place to be at.

What's the return-on-investment you expect from this year's edition of IPL?

Royal Challengers broke even in Season 1 of IPL. Thanks to the strong performance of the team in Season 2, there was a modest incremental in-flow of money last season. We expect to meet our financial projections this season as well.

The Bangalore team did well last year. How is it shaping up for this year's edition?
We were the runners-up last season in South Africa, so obviously we are very excited about the upcoming edition as we hope to go one better than last time.

We have a good batting and bowling order. We are confident that with Coach Ray Jennings at the helm, the Royal Challengers team will be extremely competitive and will be the team to watch out for.

The IPL is in its third edition. Is the charm of the first year still there among fans?

India is a cricket-loving and cricket-hungry country. I don't think there will be any spectator fatigue. IPL by now has acquired a cult status with fans, sponsors, players from across the world making sure that they are a part of the excitement each year. IPL already has star players — both Indian and international — across teams. It can only get bigger from here.

Aamir Khan’s Birthday Bike Ride With Daughter Ira

Ira Pillion Rides of Dad Aamir's Bike

Even though he had announced earlier that he wasn’t going to celebrate his birthday, Aamir Khan ended up having rather an enjoyable March 14. The day he turned 45, first there was the unplanned and rather fun cake cutting session with journalists outside his home. And in the evening, Aamir and family set out for movie night.

Accompanied by wife Kiran, and Ira and Junaid, his kids with ex-wife Reena, Aamir went to watch ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightening Thief’.

Aamir was playing the indulgent papa. How cute, he was spotted riding his bike with daughter Ira at the back! It certainly seems like the family had a fun evening out, and Aamir had a truly happy birthday.

Anil Ambani's Reliance Media Works Files a Case Against Soundarya Rajinikanth’s Ocher Studios

Anil Ambani's Reliance Media Works has filed a case against Soundarya Rajinikanth’s Ocher Studios (OS) to get back their of Rs 11.59 cr that invested for Rajini starrer animation film Sultan the Warrior.

According to the case, Reliance Media Works had signed a contract with OS, way back in January 2008 to jointly produce Sultan- The Warrior, an animated film featuring Superstar Rajinikanth, and was slated for release in April 2009. RMW after terminating its contract with Ocher in June 2009, failed to recover dues worth Rs 11.59 Crore and has now filed a suit against the company.

And when RMW came to know that OS is planning to release Sultan- The Warrior, in June 2010, they moved to Madras High Court on February 16 to restrain them from 'releasing, exhibiting, marketing or distributing' the film without settling their dues together with an interest of 12 percent per annum!

The case is now scheduled to come up for hearing on March 29. But Latha Rajinikanth, the Chairman of Ocher says that they are trying to settle the issue outside the court.

Karishma Kapoor Delivers Baby Boy at Breach Candy Hospital

Pregnant Karisma with sis Kareena and Saif Ali Khan.

Karisma Kapoor with Husband Sunjay Kapoor

Karisma Kapur delivered a baby boy on Friday morning (12th March 2010) in Mumbai. Reports say that both mom and child are doing well. The doe-eyed actor already has a three-year-old daughter Samaira from her marriage to Sanjay Kapur.

Meanwhile, Kareena Kapoor who became an aunt again, Cancels shoots for a week to spend time with Karisma's son. Kareena says, "I am thrilled to become a maasi again! I have just come back from the hospital. Lolo and the baby are healthy and fine."

Family Get-Together

"We are having a huge family get-together. Mom, dad, Samaira, Sanjay (Lolo's husband), Saif and I are having a lovely family time together," informed Kareena.

She added, "We haven't named the baby as yet but will do so in a couple of days. I have also thought of a name for him. We are all over the moon with the baby and so is Samaira. Last night we had an intimate family dinner to celebrate the baby's arrival."

Bebo is so happy at her nephew's birth that she has either cancelled or postponed all her impending work assignments by a week. "Yes I have! Nothing - not even work can come between my babies and me! I love babies and I just can't wait to hold Lolo's baby in my arms and play with him.

When Lolo is busy with the baby, Mom (Babita) and I will take turns to baby sit Samaira." Lolo is expected to be discharged from the hospital in a day or two.

Quality Time

And what is the maasi going to do during this break? She says, "I am looking forward to this break with great pleasure! I have already shopped for the baby's clothes and toys and looking forward to giving them to him. This break is also a great way of my entire family coming together and bonding in a big way."

RajiniKanth’s Daughter Soundarya Engaged to Ashwin Kumar

Tamil superstar RajiniKanth’s younger daughter Soundarya Rajinikanth's engagement was held at the Park Sheraton Hotel, Chennai on 17th Feb 2010. Soundarya got engaged to Ashwin Ramkumar, son of a city based industrialist, Ramkumar. Though the wedding date is yet to be announced, it is believed the wedding will be conducted later this year. Here are some pictures from the ceremony.

Soundarya and Ashwin with Rajinikanth and Kamal Hassan

Rajinikanth's family with Tamilnadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi's

Soundarya Rajinikanth and Ashwin Ramkumar with Ajit and Shalini

Soundarya and Ashwin Ramkumar at the Engagement

Soundarya-Ashwin with Director Shankar

Soundarya Rajinikanth and Ashwin Kumar are engaged! The engagement ceremony took place on 17th February evening at Park Sheraton Hotel in Chennai. It was a grand evening, with several stars present to bless the superstar's daughter and her fiance. Soundarya’s betrothal to Ashwin (who is currently running the construction business along with his father Ramkumar) was a simple function.

The guest of honour was, of course, Tamil Nadu Cheif Minister Kalaignar Karunanidhi, who was personally invited by Rajinikanth. Other members of the CM's family, including his wife, his daughter MP Kanimozhi and Durga Stalin also graced the occasion. Several members of the film fraternity turned up at the august event to wish the young couple and congratulate Rajinikanth and wife Latha.

'I’m Jealous of My Son' Says Shatrugan Sinha as he Envies the Kind of Launch Pad His Son Luv is Getting

Like Father Like Son: Shatrughan Sinha with his son Luv

LUV SINHA is to the manor born. On April 2, he will make his Bollywood debut in Raj Kanwar’s Sadiyaan with top-of-the-line actors like Hema Malini, Rishi Kapoor and Rekha. His dad Shatrughan Sinha, who has watched Sadiyaan, says he is very proud of Luv’s acting prowess, but at the same time he has certain parental concerns, too. “The expectations from Luv are very high,” says the inimitable Shotgun. “He comes with the tag of being my son, so naturally there is a lot that is expected of him. I hope he lives up to those expectations; and I sincerely wish that people don’t say he is a copy of his father or mother (Poonam Sinha). After all, Luv does come from a family of actors. Sometimes this leads to unfair comparisons.”

His anxieties apart, Shatrughan, one of Bollywood’s most powerful actors through the ’80s and ’90s, is also happy that his boy is being launched in such a near-perfect film. Says he, “Sadiyaan has everything you need. It is an emotional, gripping and meaningful romantic film full of twists and turns. It has great histrionics from Hema, Rishi and Rekha. Luv is fortunate he started his journey with these stalwart friends of mine. His costar Ferena Wazir is also a delight to watch on screen. As an actor, I’m jealous that my son got such a fabulous launch pad. But as a father, I’m happy he’s making his debut in a film such as this. I haven’t heard a subject like this in the last 25 years.”

Shatrughan admits that every parent thinks his child is the best; but he truly feels blessed that his three children — the twins, Luv and Kush and his daughter Sonakshi —have been brought up with the right values. “None of them has any vices; they’re all fitness freaks and most importantly, they’ve been taught to respect elders. I feel this is important because the first step to being a good actor is being a good human being. As my children, Luv, Kush and Sonakshi will get many opportunities. How they put these opportunities to good use is up to them.”

Looking rather affectionately at his son, he adds, “Luv’s competition is with himself. He has to better himself with each scene, each film that he takes on. Stardom of any kind is always the verdict of the majority. However, to make a lasting impression, Luv will need a lot of luck; hard work and the blessings of the people of India.”

In true Shotgun style, he says, “There may be many more talented people from Bihar and Jharkhand, but the ground reality is that I am the first and the last star from this region. I hope my son will keep the legacy alive.”

Fardeen Khan's Sister Laila to Marry Pooja Bedi's Ex-Husband Farhan Furniturewala

Laila Khan with Farhan Furniturewala

The late Feroz Khan's daughter, Laila is getting married to Farhan Furniturewala (Pooja Bedi's ex-husband). This is also Laila's second marriage (she was previously married to Rohit Rajpal).

The mehendi, sangeet and reception are planned from April 14-16 in Mumbai. Farhan's ex-wife Pooja Bedi will also attend the wedding.

My ex, my buddy
Bedi is very happy for her ex. She says, "I am the first person who knew about the wedding. Farhan is the father of my children and has been my best friend for years. After our divorce, we made a conscious effort to always speak well of each other. Just because our marriage didn't turn out well, it doesn't mean we are bad people."

Pooja says that Farhan and she have always maintained a wonderful friendship even after their divorce and his soon-to-be wife Laila knows that. "I have known Laila since kindergarten. Her mom (Sundari) and my mom were great friends and we would often play and swim together. We have been friends for many years. When I heard Farhan was dating Laila, l was absolutely delighted. The kids love her and have taken to her."

Laila's lovely
Pooja adds, "Laila is a warm and lovely girl. We go to each other's homes and celebrate events together. Last week, when our son Omar celebrated his birthday, Laila had also come over. It was one big happy family with our ex-in laws and us. I am thrilled for them. It was a wonderful decision for Farhan to marry her."

Laila confirms, "It's true that I am getting married in April in Mumbai. It will be a personal wedding with family and good friends."
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