'I’m Jealous of My Son' Says Shatrugan Sinha as he Envies the Kind of Launch Pad His Son Luv is Getting

Like Father Like Son: Shatrughan Sinha with his son Luv

LUV SINHA is to the manor born. On April 2, he will make his Bollywood debut in Raj Kanwar’s Sadiyaan with top-of-the-line actors like Hema Malini, Rishi Kapoor and Rekha. His dad Shatrughan Sinha, who has watched Sadiyaan, says he is very proud of Luv’s acting prowess, but at the same time he has certain parental concerns, too. “The expectations from Luv are very high,” says the inimitable Shotgun. “He comes with the tag of being my son, so naturally there is a lot that is expected of him. I hope he lives up to those expectations; and I sincerely wish that people don’t say he is a copy of his father or mother (Poonam Sinha). After all, Luv does come from a family of actors. Sometimes this leads to unfair comparisons.”

His anxieties apart, Shatrughan, one of Bollywood’s most powerful actors through the ’80s and ’90s, is also happy that his boy is being launched in such a near-perfect film. Says he, “Sadiyaan has everything you need. It is an emotional, gripping and meaningful romantic film full of twists and turns. It has great histrionics from Hema, Rishi and Rekha. Luv is fortunate he started his journey with these stalwart friends of mine. His costar Ferena Wazir is also a delight to watch on screen. As an actor, I’m jealous that my son got such a fabulous launch pad. But as a father, I’m happy he’s making his debut in a film such as this. I haven’t heard a subject like this in the last 25 years.”

Shatrughan admits that every parent thinks his child is the best; but he truly feels blessed that his three children — the twins, Luv and Kush and his daughter Sonakshi —have been brought up with the right values. “None of them has any vices; they’re all fitness freaks and most importantly, they’ve been taught to respect elders. I feel this is important because the first step to being a good actor is being a good human being. As my children, Luv, Kush and Sonakshi will get many opportunities. How they put these opportunities to good use is up to them.”

Looking rather affectionately at his son, he adds, “Luv’s competition is with himself. He has to better himself with each scene, each film that he takes on. Stardom of any kind is always the verdict of the majority. However, to make a lasting impression, Luv will need a lot of luck; hard work and the blessings of the people of India.”

In true Shotgun style, he says, “There may be many more talented people from Bihar and Jharkhand, but the ground reality is that I am the first and the last star from this region. I hope my son will keep the legacy alive.”
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