Alcohol Thrown at Lalit Modi's Son Ruchir Modi at a Mumbai Nightclub Colaba

'Ruchir did not react to taunts'- Colaba nightclub patrons chucked alcohol on teenager Ruchir Modi in a show of hate, say sources

Lalit Modi's son is apparently bearing the brunt of public anger against his father over IPLgate. Ruchir Modi was allegedly involved in an incident at a high-end, premier lounge bar in Colaba recently, where some unidentified people threw alcohol on him.

Ruchir Modi with Dad Lalit Modi.

A source who was present at the party said, "Ruchir came in with his friends and was partying at the lounge bar. Though he was quietly doing his own thing, random people came up to him and started throwing their drinks at him.

"Apparently, they were upset at Lalit Modi and the IPL controversy and were taking it out on him. They kept taunting him about the IPL and passed remarks about his father too. Surprisingly, Ruchir didn't react at all." But things took a turn for the worse.

According to the source, "Soon, poor Ruchir was drenched in alcohol and didn't know what to do. People were just coming up to him and throwing drinks on his head and face. Finally, things got so bad for Ruchir that his security guards had to escort him out. The crowd had become really uncontrollable."

Dad says
Lalit Modi did not deny that such an incident had taken place. He, however, added, "What you said is not exactly what happened, but I'd rather not comment on it. The police are looking into the matter."

Due to the IPL controversy, has it now become difficult for Ruchir and other members of the Modi family to venture out in public? "I don't want to comment on this issue at all," Modi said.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson of the lounge bar said, "It's not true. Ruchir was having dinner at a restaurant nearby and dropped in for a short time at our lounge bar. There was no such incident at all."

The business manager and CEO of the lounge bar, said, "It's a rumour. I am not sure if Ruchir had come to our night club because I went to the club late. I had no information of him coming to the club and if Ruchir had come and if there was indeed a problem, I would have definitely known about it."
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