Kamal Haasan's Younger Daughter Akshara Wants to Be a Filmmaker

Shruti Haasan's little sister has filmmaking on her mind. Will assist Rahul Dholakia on his Society, which stars her mom, Sarika

Akshara Haasan, Kamal Hassan's younger daughter

Unlike her sister Shruti Hassan, Kamal Haasan's younger daughter Akshara wants to become a filmmaker. She is currently assisting Rahul Dholakia on his film Society, which also features her mom, Sarika.

The 19-year-old wants to learn every aspect of filmmaking. When Sarika heard that she wanted to learn the ropes, she had a word with Rahul and got Akshara on board the film.

The right guy...
Sarika has worked with Rahul on Parzania and is quite impressed with his style. She thought he was the right person to train her daughter. Akshara has no plans of facing the camera, like her parents. She's strictly interested in the technical aspect of cinema: editing, special effects and direction.

A source adds, "A few months back, Dimple Kapadia's nephew Karan was assisting Rahul for a short while during his summer holidays. Now it's Akshara's turn. He's more than willing to share his knowledge with these kids."

Even though Sarika and Karan have star connections, Rahul treated them like any other interns. Says a crew member, "They didn't get any preferential treatment just because of their relations with actors. Both of them were extremely bright and ready to learn
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