Tara Sharma with Son Zen and Husband Roopak Saluja

Tara Sharma is married to ad film producer, Roopak Saluja. Their son Zen was born in 2009. Tara's dad, playwright Partap Sharma had written a play called Zen Katha which inspired her to name her son Zen too! View Pictures of Tara with her husband and Kid.

Tara Sharma with son Zen and husband Roopak Saluja.

Tara Sharma with Her son/baby boy Zen

Tara Sharma and Hubby Roopak Saluja.

When Zen was born in early 2009, Papa Roopak Saluja had sent an SMS to family and friends stating: 'Tara and I are surreally thrilled to announce the arrival of our baby boy Zen at 12.35 pm. Mother and son are in excellent condition. Knowing Tara, I think they're at the gym already!'
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