For His Daughter Sonakshi, Shatrughan Sinha Will Be Filming the Making of Dabangg

Daddy gladdy! - For daughter Sonakshi, Shatrughan Sinha has taken the job of filming the making ofDabanggentirely in his own hands

Shatrughan Sinha With Daughter Sonakshi

Shatrughan Sinha is quite the doting dad. Sinha’s daughter, Sonakshi, makes her debut opposite Salman Khan in Dabangg. Sinha did not interfere with Sonakshi’s work while the film was being shot. Now that post-production work on the film has begun, he has decided to work on the making of Dabangg by playing the role of a sutradhar (a narrator) and interviewing all the stars of the film.

Sinha was quite sure his daughter needed no assistance while shooting the film. He says, “I did not need to involve myself. My daughter was very confident of herself. But now that post-production work on the film has started, I am interviewing each star with a number of interesting questions.”

Shotgun is ecstatic that his daughter bagged such a coveted role at the very beginning of her career. He says, “It couldn’t get better especially in terms of Sonakshi’s position as the main heroine opposite such a huge star.”

Seems we have a new Salman fan in Sinha. But it turns out Shotgun prefers Salman with a moustache. According to him, Sallu looks tougher and younger with one. We’ll reserve comment.
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