Sonu Niggam's Son Sings With Lata Mangeshkar, Impresses Her

Nevaan Nigam is just three, but he has wowed the legendary singer

Sonu Niggam With Son Nevaan (3 Yr Old) and (right) Lata Mangeshkar

Little Nevaan Niggam’s turning out to be a regular chip off the old block. At three-years-old, Bollywood rocker Sonu Niggam’s son has already cut his first song. And, that too, with the Voice of India — Lata Mangeshkar.

The story goes that Lata approached Sonu and asked him if Nevaan would conclude a song on her new album by performing a sargam. This, to those who are well-versed with Hindustani classical music will know, is far more difficult than just singing or reciting words.

But Sonu, who himself has contributed and sung with Lata on the new album, immediately agreed. And the singer is now brimming with pride because the songstress said on a networking site that her two favourite singers are Sonu and Nevaan.

Sonu told BT, “I believe that Nevaan is truly blessed. To be asked by Lataji to sing with her at this young age is in itself a great honour. Her compliment to N eva a n even tops all the ones that I’ve got through my entire career.” Nevaan isn’t formally being trained as a singer yet. “But he’s an intelligent child and grasped every sur very quickly. He has a ve r y g o o d sense of music,” said the proud father, “When we taught him the sargam, the incentive we gave him was the opportunity to sing with the mike. Nevaan was eager enough.”
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