Farah Khan's Children to Debut in Tees Maar Khan; Triplets Czar, Anya and Diva To Appear During End Credits of TMK

Farah Khan's babies are just a year old, they are all set to face the camera in her upcoming flick, Tees Maar Khan. Farah's triplets Czar, Anya and Diva will appear during the end credits of Tees Maar Khan.

Says Farah, "Both me and Shirish (Kunder, her husband) wanted our three lucky mascots to make an appearance in our first home production. But my babies have done nothing in the movie; they have just wasted one whole reel of mine!"

Farah Khan Kids, Farah posted this picture of her triplets Czar, Anya and Diva sitting on the beach and called them Beach angles on Twitter

Farah Khan's Triplets Children Czar, Anya and Diva all in the same photograph

She tells us about her toddlers' 'debut', "We had dressed them up in ghagra-choli and dhoti-kurta and made them sit on a tractor and waved out to them. But they just stared into space. They didn't look interested in pleasing the crowd. They happily danced around, and once the camera started rolling, my kids just stood there. No amount of cajoling worked with them."

Tees Maar Khan, which has been written by Shirish, is a story about a smartass. Farah explains, "Tees Maar Khan basically means a smartass, somebody who is extra smart. In the movie, Akshay is playing the role of an international con man." So, is he a con man who is also a gareebon ka maseeha, a la 70s' style? "Not at all. He is what you will call a half Robin Hood, because he robs the rich, but doesn't give the money to the poor! So, the movie is about his exploits," Farah says.

Now that she mentions Akshay Kumar, we ask her about the whole Akshay-Shah Rukh controversy. "When Shirish wrote the story, he wrote it with Akshay in mind and later when I read the script, we decided that I will direct the film, as we wanted to launch our production company as well. We just went to Akshay with the script," explains Farah. So, there was no Akshay over SRK issue? "How can it be, when SRK was never approached? It was always Akshay," Farah clarifies, adding, "Also, I knew that Shah Rukh won't be able to do this movie, as he was busy with Ra.One and other films."

Like Akshay, Farah says, Katrina Kaif was the first and only choice for the female lead. "Actually, I wanted a fresh face, and I had all plans to cast a new girl. I'd even thought of having a reality contest to find a new face, but things happened very quickly. We got Akshay's dates very quickly, and then within three months, we had to do pre-production, set-up our company, record our songs and do everything, so there was no time left to find a new girl, groom her and then launch her. So, we decided to go with an established name, and Katrina was the only name that came to mind for the role of a wannabe item girl, who wants to dance and sing all the time."

Given that Kat had to meet Farah's strict dancing standard, how did Kat fare? "She passed with flying colours," Farah laughs. "It's such a different role for her - that of a madcap - and she has done full justice to it. Katrina has great comic timing, something that I hadn't realised earlier. I think it's very important for an actress to be good at comedy. And she's danced like a dream, because she goes for every rehearsal and practices like a maniac," says Farah.

Farah didn't want Kat, who was seen in a ghagra choli in a still from the film, to look like she usually does. "I wanted to give her a different look. I didn't want her to wear western clothes and look the same. Also, because she's playing the role of a wannabe item girl, we thought we'd give her more of an Indian fusion," she said. Apart from Akshay and Katrina, the film also has Akshaye Khanna. "Not just these three, there are a lot more interesting characters in the movie. Also, there is a train robbery scene, which is very exciting," shares Farah.

Their production house has also announced two more movies - Alien Sahib and Joker. Farah and Shirish have also decided that all the heroines of their upcoming movies will be named after their two daughters, Diva and Anya. So, Katrina is called Anya in TMK and the heroine in Alien Sahib will be called Diva. Taking family business to another level, eh?
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