Sunny Deol Talks About His Son Karan Deol (Rocky), Says He Wants to Be An Actor

Sunny Deol is consolidating his production house, Vijeta Films. And with a purpose. Sunny's Son Karan/Rocky wants to become an actor.

Reveals Sunny Deol, "By now, I know that my elder son Rocky (his real name is Karan but we all call him Rocky) would want to join the film industry. He's turning 20 this year. My other son Rajvir will be turning 16. Both are still studying in Mumbai and they want to get into films."

Sunny Deol's Son Karan Deol, (Also called Rocky Deol)

Sunny confesses, "I'm afraid they won't see the struggle my dad saw; or for that matter, the struggle Bobby and I had to face. They're missing out on something vital."

Strict dad

Sunny confesses he's a strict father, "just like our dad was with us. I've also been very strict with Bobby. But there's nothing I'd say no to him for."

They're normal kids

"I'll encourage Rocky in every way possible. It's not that my children don't know any other life. We've brought them up like normal kids and we're quite cut off from the film industry's social circuit. But they're passionate about cinema because that's what they've seen their father and grandfather doing."

Won't do a Chamku!

Sunny has often set his own career aside for his kid brother's sake. "That may be so. But still my repertoire of films is quite unique. I'll be producing only entertaining films. I won't be doing serious films like Chamku. I don't think people want to see that. Even as a viewer, I don't want to see a film that doesn't entertain me."

Now Karan Deol joins Rahul Rawail's acting school

Sunny Deol and Rahul Rawail go back a long way. Way back in 1983, Dharmendra asked Rahul Rawail to launch Sunny Deol in a film that eventually shaped into a blockbuster called Betaab.

Today in the year 2010, Sunny's 19-year old son Karan Deol has enrolled in Rahul Rawail's acting school.

Confirming this Rawail says, "Yes, I've just started my acting school. It's the first Indian branch of the world-famous Stella Adler Studio Of Acting. And Sunny's son Karan is my first student."

Stella Adler's school in New York is named after Marlon Brando's first acting teacher. It's the world's most well-known acting school having trained many Hollywood legends such as Anthony Quinn, Warren Beatty and Candice Bergen.

Says Rahul, "As proud as I am of having got the franchise for the Stella Adler Studio Of Acting, I am even prouder that Sunny's son is my first student. I see a sense of continuity there."
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