Sunil Shetty and Son Ahaan To Bond Over Cricket & Water Sports at 'Thank You' Schedule in Bangkok

Sunil Shetty took off for Bangkok last night with his teenage son Ahaan. This will be a holiday- cum- work vacation. The missus, Mana and daughter Athiya are staying back in Mumbai. The actor will be shooting with Priyadarshan for Thank You, but in his spare time will keep his son company.

Sunil Shetty With His Son Ahaan Shetty

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In his spare time

The actor will be shooting with Priyadarshan for Thank You, but in his spare time will keep his son company. Says Anna, “ He has his winter holidays so I decided to take him along. It’s time for some father and son bonding. Ahaan loves water sports so we want to spend a lot of time snorkelling, jet skiing, deep- water diving etc.” Ahaan turns 15 on January 15 so this is kind of a pre- birthday treat for him. The proud father reveals that his son is already taller than him, “ I enjoy being with him. I am used to taking care of him from the time he was three years old, when I’d taken him abroad for one of my films with Priyan.

I love being a hands- on dad.

Now the difference is that he takes care of me.” Let’s play! Baap- beta also plan to play a bit of cricket with the unit. “ Bobby ( Deol) and Irrfan ( Khan) are cricket- crazy, so in the six days, there will be lots of sporty action taking place. Ahaan and I also love cricket, so we will get to play a lot of it.” Shetty Junior wants to be an actor and his parents are supportive of the decision, “ I always tell him about Hrithik — who is also one of my most favorite star kids — and to be as dedicated as him. But I want Ahaan to get a degree in acting and filmmaking from the US. It’s not only about acting. If his first film doesn’t do well, it shouldn’t be the end of the world for him. I would never discourage him from wanting to be an actor. The film industry is a beautiful place to be in.

The only thing I am scared of, is failure. My children can handle success but I don’t want them to see failure. When you are educated you are prepared for anything,” concludes Shetty.
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