Tiffany Ong Shu Ting; Murder, Suicide, Death Or ...???

A large number of people are searching to know the latest news update about 23-years old Tiffany Ong Shu Ting who is a fashion writer and she is writer for her World magazine. This is the latest news update about her that she found dead bare near the toilet bowl by her mother, Juliet Yew Bee Bee, who felt something was amiss when Ong did not come out of the bathroom for some time.

There are many reasons are appearing about her death. A source said that there were no bruises on her body, so it is believed that Ong had slipped and fell—but it’s not an authentic news—while on the other hand police said they received a call at about 8.40pm that evening and it is also said by police that this is not a natural death. There will be must any reason of this death.

Ms Ong was pronounced dead about half an hour later.
“It’s such a shame. She had such a bright career ahead of her”, said Niki Bruce who is the online editor for her magazine. More investigations of this death are continue…
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