Pete Doherty Jailed After Drug Conviction

British rocker Pete Doherty was jailed for six months on Friday for possessing cocaine. The charge stemmed from his arrest in March of last year after the Babyshambles frontman was suspected of providing drugs to Robyn Whitehead. His incarceration means he’ll miss a scheduled gig in Scotland tonight.

The influence of drugs on his life had already reached such an intensity at times, that in his younger days, Doherty worked as a drug dealer to pay for his drug habit. Doherty, who was working on a comeback album with his former band The Libertines, was forced to cancel a planned concert in Scotland. His other musical project of indie band Babyshambles.

In 2005, Doherty became known in the tabloids, the media and pop culture blogs because of her relationship with model Kate Moss and often published his addiction. In January of last year, he was arrested after the death of his close friend, Robin Whitehead, and was subsequently charged with possession of cocaine.
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