Pippa Middleton’s Bum; Pilates Is The Key

Pippa Middelton who showcased her enviable physique at last month’s royal wedding between her sister Kate Middleton and Britain’s Prince William has revealed the secret behind her stunning figure is regular trips to Pilates classes. It is said that she attends Pilates classes at a small studio near her West London apartment. The 27-year-old also claimed attending weekly classes has improved her core strength and posture in just a ‘few months.
According to Wikipedia,, pilates is a physical fitness system developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates in Germany with over 11 million people practicing the discipline regularly. “As someone who is always ‘on the go’, Pilates has been a wonderful escape from my busy lifestyle in London. Whether it’s 7 a.m. in the morning or 7 p.m. at night I always leave feeling calm, refreshed and invigorated,” Pippa shares.
A mock-up video using footage from the wedding showing close-ups of Pippa’s behind has been viewed 550,000 times on YouTube, and a Vivid Entertainment has offered her $5 million to star in “one explicit scene”.
In a testimonial on the fitness centre’s website, Pippa wrote: “As someone who is always ‘on the go’, Pilates has been a wonderful escape from my busy lifestyle in London.” ‘Over the past few months I have noticed a huge difference in my core strength and posture and couldn’t recommend Margot more highly as an instructor,’ she said.
After she stole the show at Royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, she was plagued by embarrassing photographs published by the U.S. websites. Just days after playing a head-turning role at the big Royal wedding, Pippa Middleton grabbed the media attention for some different reasons.
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