Youtube Down May 06, 2011

When I wrote a keyword to know that what is latest news today of May 06, 2011 and which is the high-ranked trend in world's largest information provider and search engine, I mean to say google---then there was a 90-degree angel trend that a huge number of people are searching in the google to know that is Youtube down today?

Then I thought it maybe there will be any such kind of problem then I thought that this must will be a rumor---because I can't believe that Youtube will be down. Therefore I tried to confirm this that is Youtube really down or its just a rumor.

So, I quickly pause my game and opened the new tab and wrote "", and it opened very quickly as it opens before then I wrote the name of my favourite song "Never Say Never" by Justin Bieber---and it also opened and I could watch Justin Bieber with Joden Smith.
So, I could not understand that why there is high-ranked trend in the google that "Youtube Down". Then I thought that may be people are searching any such kind of keyword and then it made "Youtube Down. In fact every weekend, people seem to become more than a little bit bored. Then we see a bunch of rumors suggesting that a celebrity of some sort has died.
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