Korea’s Got Talent Song-bong Choi

This was really an emotional show when 22-years old Song-bong Choi performed on Korea’s Got Talent, brought tears to nearly every eye in the audience, fans and even judges. Sung-bong Choi told that he became orpahn at the age of just 3-years. He lived alone in the streets for 10-years.

“I JUST WANNA GIVE YOU A HUG”, these were the first words of judge after listening the most emotional performance of Korea Got Talent. She said these words while crying.
The judges said, “YES, YES, YES! YOU ARE IN THE NEXT ROUND”.

What do you think about 22-years old Song-bong Choi’s performance? You should keep in mind that he is trending worldwide due to his ups and down story as he told to the judges.

Korea’s Got Talent series is an audition program that accompanies a wide range of talents regardless of age, some of which include comedy, art, dance, instruments, and voice imitations.

His words made emotional to every person and caused of sadness of tears to nearly every eye in the audience, fans and even judges. He also told that he ran away from house due to beating and then he started to sell gums in the streets and spent his days from hands to mouth.

But when netizens researched and found out that he actually was musically trained from attending the Dae Jun vocal department, controversy arose. His side defended this by saying that he had already revealed this information previously.
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