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Biography -Profile of Miss Arkansas USA 2011 Lakynn McBride

Name:                            Lakynn McBride

Age:                                20

Hometown:                    White Hall, Arkansas

Previous Experience:   None

Biography:  Lakynn is a sophomore at University of Central Arkansas where she is majoring in Public Relations and Marketing. Lakynn is working towards a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations with hopes of working with those of a celebrity status or major corporations.

In her free time, Lakynn enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, working out, reading and journaling. She loves to spend time with her niece, Piper and her nephews, Blaise and Noah, taking them shopping and to movies. Lakynn has a younger sister, Katelynn, whom is her best friend. Lakynn and Katelynn are the daughters of Teresa Phillips and Chris McBride.
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