30 Seconds to Mars Manila Concert 2011 Videos

A day after Incubus' act, another American rock band staged their one-night concert in Manila. It was 30 Second to Mars who electrified their Noypi fans at Trinoma on a rainy Friday night (July 29, 2011).

30 Seconds to Mars Manila Concert 2011 Poster

But unlike Incubus who already came here thrice, it was the first time for 30 Seconds to Mars to be in the Philippines. During a presscon before the concert, lead vocalist Jared Leto said his band has in-stored "unforgettable" performances for their fans.

"We always try offer a night that is unforgettable and a night that gives people an opportunity to leave all their trouble, stresses, and problems for a while and just to be in the moment that their life to be FREE!. I’m not happy to see people wake up in the next day and slightly embarrass about themselves, just like in a bad wedding," Leto said.

Well, what can you say about these videos below:

30 Seconds to Mars Manila setlist include 1. Escape 2. A Beautiful Lie 3. Attack 4. Search And Destroy 5. This Is War 6. 100 Suns 7. Call To Arms 8. L490 9. Hurricane 10. Alibi 11. The Kill 12. Night Of The Hunter 13. Closer To The Edge and 14. Kings And Queen. (Courtesy of "Vinceme29")
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