Alden Richards gets a 'Yes' from Sam Pinto

Alden Richards recently invited his celebrity crush Sam Pinto for a "friendly date" in his live interview on national TV. Sam has made her reply and it's a 'yes'!

Alden Richards and Sam Pinto | Photo courtesy of their respective owners

"It's a friendly date, so why not? That's a yes!" Sam Pinto told PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal).

But is Sam willing to go further than a "friendly date" with Alden Richards? This is what she replied to PEP.

"Me, I prefer older men lang. Pero... I don't know. Ever since, I never had a boyfriend younger than me." Sam said.

On Showbiz Central's July 17 episode, this is what Alden said:

"Ms. Sam Pinto, I hope you don't mind po if I ask you out on a friendly date."

Alden and Sam are working together in a GMA Films teen movie Tween Academy: Class of 2012.
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