Ashley Cole and Kerry Meades | Ashley Cole Acted like A Single Man

This is not the first time that any girl has claimed that she slept with 30-years old footballer Ashley Cole. According to the sources, there are also two other girls who have made similar allegations after apparently meeting Ashley in Hollywood.

Air-hostess claimed she slept with Ashley Cole just days before he flew back to London for ex-wife Cheryl’s birthday, UK’s Daily Mail has just reported. 29-years old Kerry Meades was appalled when she later learned Ashley had already been winning back Cheryl, 28.

Kent-born Kerry Meades, who works as an air stewardess for Virgin Atlantic serving wealthy Upper Class customers, revealed that she first slept with the Chelsea ace back in 2004 and met him again on the 17th June this year before he flew back to London for ex-wife Cheryl’s birthday. “Yes he did decide to ask Cheryl to marry him again, it’s true,” a source told the PEOPLE.

29-years old Virgin Atlantic worker Kerry Meades further said, “He obviously wanted to hide it. The whole time I was with him, he acted like a single man. When he cut off contact with me, I knew I had been dumped. It made me feel used and dirty, like I was a piece of meat.
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