Avril Lavigne's pizza tribute

'Actually I'm just shy and introverted. I'm not that talkative really,' said Avril Lavigne
Avril Lavigne has a pizza named after her.
The Canadian singer says people from her hometown of Napanee are very proud of her achievements and one of the local restaurants has paid homage by creating a dish in her honor.
“I’m a small-town girl and go home when I can, and the people there always look out for me. I think they’re proud that someone from there made it so big,” Avril said. “There’s a pizza restaurant in the center that I used to go to when I was at high school, and they’ve turned it into kind of an Avril-themed place. There’s even a pizza named after me made from my favourite toppings: pepperoni, olives and mushrooms.”
Avril says food is quite important in her life and as well as pizzas, she also enjoys cooking a traditional British Sunday roast dinner.
“I may be Canadian, but I cook the best Sunday roast,” she added.
“My mom cooked every night when I was growing up and one thing I picked up from her was roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. Growing up, a lot of the mums I knew used to cook a British dinner. I love making little Yorkshires and getting them to rise perfectly. I like being domesticated. It’s my way of unwinding. After months of touring and promotion I just want to stay in and be normal. Going out shopping for groceries and cooking food is my way of chilling out. I like to have my friends around and entertain for them, cook up some Italian food and open a bottle.”
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