Beaded Bracelets

  • At any time, any season is fashionable to wear bracelets made ​​of beads. Hand Maid always valuable, and such masterpieces as bracelets, beads, look simply irresistible. Each year the popularity of beads increases. 
  • Beaded bracelets for every taste
  • This year is very relevant jewelry from beads. Moreover, such ornaments appreciated not only by students and young girls, but the older generation. 

  • Cute beaded bracelet is available today in the market, shop, order online, ask a friend make a little thing, or do it yourself. 
  • Beads - pretty cheap stuff, the choice of shapes and colors is wide. Moreover, a bracelet of beads can be combined with almost any clothing, from an evening dress, dress in the style Casual, with a bathing suit, etc.

  • Among children and youth popular hobby - Bead weaving. Make a beaded bracelet everyone can. Especially, there are many schemes and different techniques of weaving beads. But keep in mind that durability and appearance of the product will depend on the quality of materials used. 

  • The bracelet can be made ​​simple, only two threads. And you can come up with a complex pattern or design.

  • Beading - Technology

There are several different techniques of weaving of beads:

Twisted rope - this is the simplest technique of beadwork, often used in the manufacture of bracelets.

Mosaic - such bracelets are obtained by dense, like the straps. And they can vyplesti different signs, symbols, letters, and ornaments.

Grid - a light aircraft and bracelets, which are ideally suited for a summer dress.

  • Bracelets of beads: how to weave? 

Fold the twine in half. You should have two working threads. People that are on the beads on each thread. Then, both strands of the third vdente bead. You should have one row with two beads side by side, the second - the one in the middle. And once again populate each thread on bead, and then one in the middle and. etc.

This bracelet is very easy to weave, and it looks very elegant and beautiful. Clasp for the bracelet you can do yourself, but it's easier still to get ready in the store.

If you want to weave a beaded bracelet, we recommend you carefully choose the color. Stylish and beautiful jewelry can be a highlight of your attire. A better, if you make a few ornaments. So to speak, on all occasions. 
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