Blind gossip!

1) “At a movie premiere Red Carpet event, our source claims they saw this B List, married movie actor getting ‘serviced’ by a mystery male in a car right before the event.” [Buzz Foto]

2) “This famous celebrity designer was at a dinner party the other night on the East Coast with other rich and powerful [people] and when a hair was found in his food, he threw the plate, dinner and all, at the waiter — who ended up not pressing charges, but needing stitches” [Buzz Foto]

3) “When this couple was married, he was an almost A list television actor who was just ending a really long run on a hit show. She was a B- list actress who was more famous for her face than her acting. Anyway, even though reports have always suggested they had an open marriage, the wife did take exception to her husband having sex in a closet at a MTV party with this then gorgeous C list television and movie actress who has been with the oddest assortment of men ever. Shortly after the incident, the couple filed for divorce.” [CDAN]
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