Caroline Wozniacki and Rory McIlroy Pictures

According to the sources, world tennis No 1 Caroline Wozniacki is the new girlfrend of US champion Rory McIlroy. Us champion embarked on a relationship with world tennis No 1 Caroline Wozniacki.

A large number of people are clicking to confirm the news that is tennis star dating with US golf champion. Earlier, it was said earlier that Rory McIlroywon the US open and he attributed his success to girlfriend and childhood love Holly Sweeney.

NOW, the management company of US Open champion Rory McIlroy issued a statement tonight saying: “Rory McIlroy’s long-time relationship with Holly Sweeney came to an amicable end before the Open Championship.”

Before Rory McIlroy could triumph at the 2011 U.S. Open, he fell apart at the 2011 Masters. Holly Sweeny thinks that when she is not around her boyfriend , he plays much better—this is the reason that Rory McIlroy’s girlfriend Holly Sweeney will follow The Open on television rather than being on the course.

Rory McIlroy tackled in a documentary this last weekend aired over on the BBC Northern Ireland. McIlroy broke up with his girlfriend, Holly Sweeney, before the start of the 2011 season to focus more on his game.

“I had to do a lot of begging and grovelling to get her back,” Rory McIlroy said.
Holly Sweeney has a big hand in the success of his boyfriend Rory McIlroy. It is often said that there is a silence hand and help behind every successful man.
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