Daniel Radcliffe wants tattoo

Excited: Danel Radcliffe, who has starred for a decade as the boy wizard, said he was 'sweating like pig in labour' with all the excitement, while Rupert Grint said he would miss people screaming his name
Daniel Radcliffe wants a tattoo.
The 21-year-old actor admits one of the good things about the Harry Potter franchise in which he has played the titular boy wizard in all eight movies coming to an end is that he can have some body art as he was previously unable to do so because of his commitment to the film series.
“I definitely do want to get some tattoos, something that would have been ill-advised during Potter,” Daniel said.
During his time out from filming theHarry Potter movies, Daniel starred in a stage production of Equus in both London and New York, in which he had to strip naked.
While he insists he doesn’t mind baring all for a role, the actor admits it was a “terrifying” experience.
“It’s like, ‘Put it away, Dan!’ I really don’t mind anymore. I performed Equus well over 300 times,” he said.
“I still had the fear every night though, absolutely. I hate all these actors who say it’s liberating. That’s rubbish, you liars, it’s not liberating it’s terrifying!”
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