Gary Busey haunted by meatball sandwiches

Gary Busey claims a double helping of meatball sandwiches has provided him with a catchphrase to rival Arnie’s “I’ll be back’ and Clark Gable‘s famousGone with the Wind line.
The former Lethal Weapon baddie is currently celebrating the 20th anniversary of Point Break in which he starred with Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze but says he gets daily reminders of his role.
“I get a lot of fans shouting, ‘Utah, gimme two! Two meatball sandwiches’. It’s funny because that was just an improv line in the movie,” says Gary.
“It was dead-air between me sitting in the car, reading the paper, so I just stuck my head out the window and made the motion (to Keanu) of , “Gimme two. Two of ‘em Utah, gimme two meatball sandwiches.’ And that line has stuck. It’s funny how lines stick from different movies, like ‘Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn,’ or Arnold’s, ‘I’ll be back’.”
Gary was recently fired from a movie he was supposed to star in.
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