Katy Perry 'I sound like Smurf'

Katy Perry performs on the 'Today' Show in NYC
Katy Perry claims she doesn’t need any movie magic to sound like a Smurf.
The Teenage Dream hitmaker voices the character of Smurfette in the new Smurfsmovie and says with a big dose of caffeine, she could easily take the role home to husband Russell Brand.
“Smurfette is basically my voice but kind of like when I’ve had two many cups of coffee all in one day,” says Katy. “It’s not far from the real me really.”
Perry recently spoke of her love of the Smurfs.
“I love the Smurfs,” she said.
“They’re so cute. I want all the t-shirts and toys even now. In fact I should be getting them free with me being Smurfette. I can start a whole collection.”
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